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Kallark Gandolin WC Puppet.png
Race Dwelves
Affiliations Dwarves, Elves
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance The Sunswords

Dwelves are a hybrid race of Dwarves and Elves. Dwelves are an unexpected byproduct of the creation of the Dwarves after the Birth of Magic, formed of a union from two powerful races. They are regarded poorly by Dwarves and are not covered by the Ironstone Accords. Dwelves first appeared in The Sunswords.


Dwelves are the offspring of Dwarves and Elves, and as such they have physical similarities to both, but they tend to have more Elven Traits. They appear to be shorter than most Elves, yet taller than Dwarves. The most notable attribute is that they retain the Dwarven beards that Elves lack to create without the Spell of Bearding. But if one was to keep a shaved beard, the Dwelf would look very similar to Elves. It is unknown if females can grow beards like that of their Dwarven counter parts.

Dwelves are also not protected under the Ironstone Accords and are regarded very poorly by Dwarves. An example of extreme distaste for Dwelves by the Dwarves is the Gandolin family, who are mostly killed off by Dwarves.

Notable Dwelves[edit]

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  • Dwelves were originally a Subrace to Elves in Season One and Season Two of URealms, but became their own race in Season Three.