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Elaphelk MB.png
Race Elaphelk
Hostile Yes
Capable of Speech No
First Appearance The Many Gobos of Pat

Elaphelks are large mammals who are a cross between an elephant and an elk, that first appeared in The Many Gobos of Pat. In Porc Hunters it is stated that they are what "Gravehoofs" are made from.



They come in various sizes and look almost identical to an elephant aside from their two elk-like antlers. They appear to be hostile to all races, though it is possible that they are either non-hostile to Dwarves or tameable, as they were used to fight the Goblin family in the arena in The Many Gobos of Pat.

They are capable of wearing armor that can drop from the sky. This armor makes them magic immune [1] and then causes the spell cast at them to fire back at a target on their turn. [2]

Powers & Abilities[edit]


  • You may spend 500 Gold at Character Creation to equip your Elaphelk with armor that causes magic spells to be reflected back at the caster.

Companion Abilities[edit]

  • [{Companion / Elephelk}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Armored}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Gore}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Quake}]

Woolly Elaphelk[edit]

Woolly Elaphelks are a variant of elaphelk that live in cold environments. As their name suggests, they have a large amount of hair/fur, that makes them suited to live in the cold. Aside from this, it is unknown how they differ from normal elaphelks.


The Death of Virgo[edit]

A herd of Woolly Elaphelks where slaughtered by Virgo Sunsword and his group. One of the Elaphelks, however, was tamed by Nathaniel Granger, and was named Simone.


Murder Bros[edit]

An Elaphelk was pulling the carriage containing Jessabelle Marie. When The Murder Bros raided the carriage, the Elaphelk was set free, and a Supporter Event activated, it chased after the Porcs and Goblins nearby, including Bubs and Tubs.

Den of Devils[edit]


The Many Gobos of Pat[edit]

Two Elaphelks and a momma Elaphelk were forced to fight against the Goblins in the Paladin Arena.


  • Elaphelks are forgetful.
  • Elaphelks are very flammable.
  • Elaphelks are known for their really long leaps.
  • 'Elaphelk' and 'Elephelk' are both acceptable, canonical spellings. [3]