Eliza Cobbler

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Eliza Cobbler
Eliza Cobbler TC Puppet.png
AffiliationThe Cobbler Family
AliasGrandmama, Mistress, Mother
Campaigns The Cobblers

"His father was hung like a Highbear."
— Eliza Cobbler

Eliza Cobbler is a Noble Born Elf Runemaster played by Deadbones in The Cobblers. She is the mother to Borris Cobbler, the mother-in-law to Beautressa Cobbler and the grandmother to Kristy Cobbler.



Eliza is a female Vampire Elf with very flamboyant hair and long notable fangs. Eliza is seen to wear a polka-dotted hair band, large earrings, a skin tight unitard, with a collared shirt over it and has a heart shaped necklace.


Eliza has a very strong sexual nature, often falling for any man nearby and will attempt to get that man to lay with her by any means necessary. This often causes discomfort for the man, or anyone who heavily looks male, as she is very forward in her advances. Despite this, Eliza is a very kind mother when she is not attempting to have sex, as she is often the first one to help Borris when he is having one of his seizure episodes, and Eliza will be quick to help her granddaughter Kristy.


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Grumsworth TC Puppet.png
Capable of SpeechYes
Campaigns The Cobblers
SeasonsSeason Two

Grumsworth is a male Ogre and Eliza Cobbler's personal butler, following her and her family around on their Goblin-exterminating adventures.



Grumsworth has two identical heads, both with hair, moustaches and monocles. He also wears a bow tie on both necks. He is always seen carrying a cup of tea.



Grumsworth was the Cobbler family's personal butler, who was domesticated and subdued by being beaten constantly, but, after Eliza Cobbler's sexual adventures, her father assigned Grumsworth to her side, to aid her in both her personal life, and her Runemaster studies, as she cannot read most writing. Grumsworth is willing to help the Cobbler family, as he finds them rather civilized and noble, and they allow him to dress smartly and drink tea.

The Cobblers[edit]

After the Cobbler family arrived in Chossals, they were greeted by Reginald Barringster III, who told them of the town's Goblin troubles, and he lead them to the nearby cave. Grumsworth stood back for the most part while the fighting was commencing, but he occasionally slammed his kettle down on the goblins, or drunk his tea, to calm himself. He was smart enough to disobey Eliza's orders while she was whispered, and fighting anti-party, but he followed her commands obediently, even when he wanted to slam the Flesh Monstrosity, but Eliza asked him to drink his tea. He survived the battles, and is, presumably, still with the Cobbler family currently.



Eliza grew up under the care of an unnamed wealthy family which had large political ties. As Eliza hit puberty, she began to have an extraordinarily active sexual drive, going after several men in an attempt to find her "one true love." This caused her father to force her to study Runemastery, having the family butler, Grumsworth, and others read to her. While she excelled at her studies and was quiet fond of it, it did not break her drive. As a last ditch effort, her father arranged Eliza to be the fourth wife to the patriarchal head of the Cobbler family. The wedding was fast and Eliza was soon pregnant with Borris, but this did not stop Eliza's fast lifestyle as she still took EXP while pregnant.

Eventually, Eliza's husband left to marry his fifth wife, and Eliza resumed her party nature while Grumsworth raised Borris. She still cared for him greatly, however, and even was still invited to go on family Goblin slaying vacations.

The Cobblers[edit]

Eliza accompanied her son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter on a holiday vacation in the town of Chossals, where they were contracted by the locals to hunt down a den of Goblins who had been reported of kidnapping people across the town. Eliza and her Butler listened to Borris tell Kristy of the story of how he and Beautressa met, but he suddenly had one of his episodic seizures, causing the family to hold him and his tongue down. Once Borris recovered, the family was met by a knock on the door: the knock of Reginald Barringster III. Initially, the Cobbler family rejected the Barringster, but Eliza eventually found herself attracted to the young Elf man, and invited him inside. Reginald explained the dealings with the Hobgoblins and further explain that these Goblins are actually Fleshweavers, a cult that has been kidnapping people quite frequently.

Agreeing to helping the town, the Cobbler family and the Barringster set out to the nearby caves were the Goblins had taken as a base of operations. At the entrance to the cave they are met with two very strong Hobgoblins and a notable member of their society, Fabs the Hoboglin. The Goblins initiate the fight, but Eliza is mysteriously mind-controlled after being whispered by an unknown entity causing her to almost Pierce her own granddaughter, but luckily she failed and the whisper was quieted. After a lengthy fight with them, the group manages to defeat the Hobgoblins leaving a dying Fabs at their feet. Much to Beautrice and Reginald's confusion, Borris and Eliza encourage Kristy to take Fabs' life and eat her heart as a symbol of passage in the Cobbler family. Once she does so, Eliza praises her and they move on further into the cave where they meet a large river of still blood and various Goblins.

At this river of blood, they quickly dispatch a herd of Goblins while Borris attempts to cross the river, only to suffer from a seizure. Eliza quickly summoned Borris back to her and her and her butler eased his seizure until he recovers. During so, Eliza is forced to defend her son from the nearby Goblins, and accidentally shatter the skull of one, revealing that they where Ageless. They continue to battle the Ageless Goblins and the newly arrived Clockodiles who have some regenerative factor while in the Blood River. In the end, the Cobblers manage to kill all the Ageless Goblins and the army of regenerating Clockodiles by reducing them to ash.

The family continued deeper into the cave, were they were met again with an army of Goblins armed with rocks, rotten fruit and sticks. Reginald was initially hesitant about going headfirst into the battle, but was encouraged by the Cobbler family that they are Goblin Slayers, and they dive in magic-blazing. However, during the beginning of the fight, Beautressa was affected by the same mysterious whispers, causing her to turn on her family. However, once the effect wore off, the capable Goblin slaying family quickly dispatched the Goblins once Borris enacted his Deathflame in conjunction with a Thunderous Roar, causing a Deathflame Roar to eviscerate the Ageless Goblins. Further filled with confidence, the family find a group of four captured Elves. After some altercations, the family releases the group and both parties enter the last area of the cave, only to be blocked off by a mysterious cave in.

In the cave they hear a dark whisper, revealing that is was a Flesh Monstrosity known as the Legion who has been afflicting the Cobbler's minds. A battle begins between the Legion and the Cobblers, Reginald and the freed Elves. The battle is long as Legion is whispering each mind of the Cobblers, save for Borris, while the remaining Cobblers give it their all to end the monstrosity. The fight goes on, but eventually the flesh begins to fall apart, leaving a slightly slithering mound of blood and flesh on the ground. Once the battle is concluded, Borris reveals that he has been having visions during his seizures and eradicates the mind of Reginald, whom Borris believes to be the cause. One of the freed Elves overhears this and says that Borris is a Dreamweaver, who can see the past AND the future. However, Borris brushes the elf off and continues to talk to his family, when the Flesh Monstrosity rises again, but this time with two others at his side. Eliza is extremely happy for her son to come into his own, but this is cut short as the Legion reforms itself into three, separate Legions, and the battle is started again.

During the battle, Borris succumbs to one more seizure but rises on his own as a fully realized Dreamweaver, and assists everyone, including his mother, by stopping the mind controlling effects. One by one, the Cobbler Family eradicates the Legions until the blobs of flesh are lifeless. The battle is won.


Eliza returns with her family as their vacation is now finished. However, they leave a mindless Reginald under the corpse of the mind-controlling Legion.