Emit Crank

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Emit Crank
AffiliationSK Malone's Mercenaries
ActorCoestar, Rob
Campaigns The Blood Snake Queen
SeasonsSeason One Season Two

Emit Crank is a Dvergr Warrior played by Coestar in The Blood Snake Queen, and by Rob as an NPC in Den of Devils. He is a strong mercenary and member of Slippery Knuckles Malone's group.



Emit Crank is a male Dvergr that has a large, bushy beard, muscular figure and prominent hair on his forearms. Emit wears a round helm with two large horns and a band from the bridge of his nose to the back of his head that has a series of spikes along it. He also ears a tight fitting tank top and the tail of it torn a great deal, above that he wears a large leather belt.


Emit is a very quiet Dvergr, in comparison to his mercenary compatriots. He tends to keep to himself, while the others argue and discuss events. During battle, he is an important member of the group's "Tower" move, where he is picked up by Dob and tossed, while Emit is still holding onto Slippery Knuckles Malone. The move continues with Belladona von Feingart enlarging Emit who then throws SK at a target mid-Berserker transformation. He is also a part in small scale version of the move, where he simply tosses SK.

Notable Attributes[edit]


SK Malone's Mercenaries[edit]

Although his specific relationship with individual members of SK Malone's group is unclear due to his quiet personality, Emit is clearly comfortable around his fellow mercenaries, as evidenced by his leader's friendly remarks towards him and his familiarity with the group's "Tower" maneuver.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dvergr}]
  • [{Class / Warrior}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Sellsword}]
  • [{Attribute / Coward}]


  • [{Warrior / Chivalry Pledge}]
  • [{Alchemist / Fortune Potion}]


  • [{Warrior / Tosser}]
  • [{Warrior / Blockade}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Bladeturn EX}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Warrior / Greatshield}]
  • [{Weapon / Dwarven Runeblade}]
  • [{Treasure / Holy Canteen}]

Former Belongings[edit]

  • [{Weapon / Steel Longsword}]
  • [{Consumable / Scroll of Magic Stone}]



Emit Crank is a Dvergr who has worked with SK's mercenaries for quite a long time. His past is otherwise unknown.

The Blood Snake Queen[edit]

Emit, accompanied by Belladona von Feingart, Dob, and Slippery Knuckles Malone, are hired to defeat a Blood Snake Queen. The party runs into a group of gnomes who have made camp, and dispatch them using a partially successful "Tower" maneuver. The group then encounters and defeats a pack of Sunhounds and Moonwolves, and proceed to talk their way past an Ogre. The party is threatened by a Monkey Fish migration while attempting to cross a bridge, and Emit consumes his [{Consumable / Scroll of Magic Stone}] to make the crossing safer. Upon entering the lair of the Blood Snake Queen and seeing her brood of the Blood Snakes and Blood Cobras, the party attempts to engage the enemy using their "Tower" attack. Their attempt fails, and they take their failure as a sign and abandon their contract.

Okagnoma Guild Hall[edit]

Emit is seen by the students of the Okagnoma Guild Hall, who witness SK's mercenaries failed "Tower" attempt from the end of The Blood Snake Queen.

Den of Devils[edit]

Emit, along with Belladona von Feingart and Slippery Knuckles Malone, is hired by Nisovin to help steal a couple Dragon Eggs for a handsome reward. However after the party's first run in with a Dragon Whelpling, Emit, Belladona and Malone decide that the pay is not worth the risk and leave the group, taking along Michael Langstrom's Elaphelk and Duke Daring's Eaglebear.


It is not known whether The Blood Snake Queen or Den of Devils comes first in the timeline. In both possibilities, Emit is alive and traveling with his party. If Den of Devils is the most recent campaign, then Dob is not with the party, and they are in possession of Horny McTrunkface and Buttercup.


  • Emit Crank is likely a continuation of Coestar's naming pattern of having puns or hidden messages in his characters' names, as 'Emit Crank' is an anagram of 'Name Trick.'
  • Emit Crank's appearance in Okagnoma Guild Hall was triggered by a donation event.