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Empusa MB Puppet.png
AliasEmpussy, Emp
Campaigns Murder Bros

Empusa is a very powerful Kobold played by Rob, first appearing in Murder Bros. She became the fearsome leader of the Murder Bros after her brother's capture by The Sunswords Military. Following that, she sought to free him, and was successful in doing so.



Empusa is a female Kobold with a large cross shaped scar just underneath her eye. She is known to be mostly naked, wearing only a hat and two belts across her chest. She also has nipple piercings on her breasts. Due to her ingesting the Silver Scales of the Dragon Aspects, Empusa at first looks rather old, with her features sagging, but after ingesting becomes quite young.


Empusa is a very cunning Kobold, hiding her gang in plain sight while working the Sheriff to be wrapped around her finger. She is known to get very angry very quickly, striking fear into her men.

Like her brother Chimera, Empusa seems to be aware of the "Gods of the Realm", and to a lesser extent, the show at a meta level.

It is later revealed that Maelstrom is also her brother. She traveled to meet him at Final Talon and will now help him prepare for the coming of the Old Gods' Divine.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Kobold}]
  • [{Class / Buccaneer}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Brawler}]
  • [{Attribute / Secretive}]



Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Weapon / Matchlock Rifle}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Empusa was raised near the town of Silverflats, which was a mining town enriched in the scales and silver from the Dragon Aspect Golestandt while he slept there. But the Elves had turned the town into a mining operation to keep themselves as the soul benefits of the extended longevity of the Scales. This lead to Empusa and her brother Chimera forming the Murder Bros and stealing from the Elves as often as they could. Eventually, Chimera was captured and detained by the Sunsword Elf Dave and was being transferred to the Silvermine Mountains.

Empusa planned on rescuing her brother and obtain a shipment of Silver Scales with the help of the Ancient Elf Orvan Weiss in the town of Silverflats.

Murder Bros[edit]

Empusa and her gang met with Orvan Weiss in the tavern of Silverflats while undercover. Empusa had her right hand Kobold "Long Con" Conner search for information about the train schedule with the Silver Scales and Chimera, while she worked Sheriff Hardrock by making him fall head over heels in love with her. However, her gang began drinking copious amounts of E.X.X.X.P. Ale which caused several ruckuses in the bar. Eventually, she had to step in and "quietly" remind her men to focus on the job. After they drunkenly gained the information, the gang made their way to the location of the carriage with the train schedule.

The group moved to intersect the pathway of said carriage, but it was guarded by the Sunswords. Empusa disguised Weiss as a Noble Elf to distract the Sunswords long enough for the rest of the members to jump them from behind. However, as Empusa managed to gain control of the carriage, her men began to suffer from the hallucinogenic properties of the ale and started to attack the carriage, thinking that it was a monster called a 'Carrage'. Empusa snapped her men out of it, and showed them their bounty: the train schedule and an member of the Marie Gnome family, Jessabelle Marie. She argued with Conner about what to do with the girl as Empusa wanted to just kill her, but Conner had become Love Struck and was cursed to love Marie. They decided to drag her back to the town, where they found that the town had become very aware that they are the infamous Murder Bros.

Empusa joined Johnny and Weiss in attacking the Tavern from a damaged hole in the wall, while Borracho, Bubs and Tubs distracted the bulk of the townsfolk from the middle of town. Once they defeated most of the citizens and members of Sheriff Hardrock's forces, the Murder Bros gathered their forces at one end of the town, while the Sheriff gathered his remaining members at the other. However, Johnny eliminated nearly 80% of the Sheriff's forces with High Noon, causing them to retreat into the Train Station before being surrounded and eventually gunned down by the Murder Bros.

The gang then rode off on their Groundbolds in an attempt to catch the train with the shipment of Silver Scales, but they suffered from one last hallucination from the E.X.X.X.P. Ale. They then believed that the Train was a living entity attempting to kill them. They unloaded as much magic and physical power as they could to "defeat the Train," which resulted in the hallucination wearing off and the real train derailing from the damage. The gang then took out the remaining members of the Sunswords while freeing Chimera the Kobold.



When they were found by the law in the Murder mines, she fled the scene.


  • Empusa may be named after the Greek Demigoddess Empusa.
  • Empusa is the second female Kobold to be seen nearly naked, the first was Kopie Ren.