The Fall of Dundinborough

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Season 2
Air Date: November 5th, 2016
The Fall of Dundinborough
Den of Devils

The Fall of Dundinborough is the eighth campaign of URealms Season 2, and it originally aired on November 5th, 2016. The Kingdom of Dundinborough was 1 of the 12 Dwarven Clans built by the Divine Aspect Thor after the Birth of Magic. Ruled by its King and Queen, it was one of the few strongholds that waited far too long to sign the Ironstone Accords and was ultimately destroyed by Ageless Raiders. This is the story of four guards during the final moments of Dundinborough.



Character Race Class Player
Bearo Icon.png Bearo Lowbear Millbee
Dai Icon.png Dai Dvergr Booty Raider Millbee
Dyson Icon.png Dyson Dwarf Berserker Roamin
James Briggs Icon.png James Briggs Elf Swashbuckler Coestar
Jeanie Jaredson Icon.png Jeanie Jaredson Dvergr Monk Deadbones


Character Race Class
Phineas Dundinborough Icon.png Prince Phineas Dundinborough Dwarf
Karolime Dundinborough Icon.png Queen Karolime Dundinborough Dwarf
King Dundinborough Icon.png King Dundinborough Dwarf
Virgo Sunsword Icon.png Virgo Sunsword Elf Paladin
Galen Sunsword Icon.png Galen Sunsword Elf Paladin/Suncleric/Warrior
Ghana Ens Sin Icon.png Ghana Ens Sin Elf Sorcerer/Wizard
Cecilia Briggs Icon.png Cecilia Briggs Elf Magician/Warrior
Jenathorn Barringster Icon.png Jenathorn Barringster Elf Cabalist/Witch
Buckles Icon.png Buckles Dwarf
Guard Trainee 1 Icon.png Royal Guard Trainee Dwarf
Guard Trainee 2 Icon.png Royal Guard Trainee Dwarf
Lance Willakers Icon.png Lance Willakers Dwarf
Bopen Icon.png Bopen Ageless

Battle Encounters[edit]


The Story begins with each of the four guards Dai, Dyson, Jeanie, James and even the Lowbear Bearo telling Prince Phineas bedtimes stories. Bearo starts with a story that sounds like a simplified children story version of The Birth of Magic, Dyson follows with a story about a bear and a Boy going to school, Dai simply tells the boy a story about him swimming, James recites a very strange poem, and Jeannie tells a very hard to understand story about a frog. Thanking them for the stories with some gift, the prince's mother comes in and tells him the story he loves: the Story of Bopen the Skeleton King. With the prince asleep, they turn to leave, but Dyson accidentally scared Jeanie, getting his foot stepped on and waking the prince, getting reprimanded by the queen as she shoos them away.

At the Throne room, the Dwarves are prepared to welcome the visiting elves. The king rewards Jeanie and Dyson (only to take Dyson's back) and tries to convince James to leave with the elves and Bearo to put on clothes. Suddenly Virgo Sunsword and the elves arrive, offering assistance against the Ageless assaulting other villages nearby, the king declining his "Help", reminding Virgo of James. Virgo tries to cure him, but it fails, and when the King debates with Virgo about the wording of their peace accord about "Dwarves not being equal", they decide to settle it with a contest between their men. So Galen Sunsword, Jenathorn Barringster, Ghana Ens Sin and Cecilia Briggs face off against the dwarven party, with Dai eventually taking the crowd thrown donkey as a mount for a bit fighting Galen, Jenathorn turning herself into a turtle, and James fighting off in the corner due to his blindness for a good amount of time until eventually, Galen concedes the fight as Celia is getting swarmed by snakes and Jenathorn is stuck in her own Blanket of Darkness. The king and queen convinces Virgo to help offer reward to the winning Dwarves.

Later in the day, they are all in the courtyard training with the prince, as the party tries to avoid facing Prince Phineas and his golden sword, but after Dai gives the prince a beer, they break off into pairs. Jeanie faces "Buckles", who loses to her, but convinces her to get her address. Dai faces a female guard who lucks his way into convincing her into a terrible, but somehow working, way to use a sword. Dyson ends up making a minor bet with the very gruff male trainee, who wins the bet by avoiding him and tickles the man. Lastly, the prince ends up cutting James with his sword, but is still bored, so he ask the guards to let him fight an Ageless. Luckily, they have a Skelephelk for the Prince and the trainees to fight. while the fight is going okay, Jeanie accidentally turns the Skelephelk into a Funk, causing everyone to stop fighting it, so the prince ask Dai to revert it, causing Dai and Bearo to smack it until it went unconscious. When prince realizes that James broke his present fighting in the tournament, and after sending Jeanie off to get rid of her a bit and she returns with her Pot Puppy seeds dying as well, Dai tries to cheer up the the prince by showing off his present of his stone Swim trunks, only to proceed to drown himself.

James, who did not follow the others to Dai's swimming test, hears the bones of the Skelephelk reanimate, and the rest even notice it reawaken. The Sunswords mount Bearo, while Dyson shrouds the prince as well as himself, and while James ends up puppeting a snake, he is forced to Dispel it so he doesn't lose his mind to the Blanket of Darkness. A few Sunswords fall unconscious, and as the party beats it up, eventually it reforms 'less naturally', so they force it into the cage using Dyson's Mark of Explosion, but the prince claims one of the creature's bones as a souvenir.

Later in the day, the Prince convinces the guard to let him wander the Vault, even though its against the rules. To stop Jeanie from telling the king, they do see James's eyes when they take his blindfold, only to decide to just trust her. The prince enjoys his time in the vault, when suddenly, the guards notice the Golden Golem arise behind the boy. They leap in to protect the boy and are doing rather well, even as the Sunswords from earlier stubble in drunk on E.X.X.X.P. Ale. Once the Golem is defeated, and the Sunswords subdued, The guards are just glad for the Prince's safety.

Suddenly, a bell starts ringing. As they come, Virgo tells them that the Ageless have arrived by the thousands. All the Sunswords defend the corridors, but the guards are tasked with reuniting the prince with his parents in the safe room, and protecting them. The lights are gone, but since Jeanie is constantly on fire, they can still see including the Ageless. They fight their way through the Ageless, even though some of them simply 'step aside', they get the prince to his parents, and are doing a fine job staying alive against the endless waves of Ageless, walling and summoning an army of snakes. When all seems lost, Lance Willakers and the Lightbeard Clan finally show up, and the party goes to grab to royals to evacuate...only to find them all dead, and, right in front of their eyes, the bodies of the royals combine to become Bopen the Skeleton King. Lance notices and orders his archers to fire, and Jeanie lights their arrows with Augment, but Bopen stops the arrows and uses them to kill Jeanie. Lance creates a wall, and the remaining 2 guards, Bearo, Lance, and his clan all flee.

Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

  • The events of this campaign are played out.
  • All of the characters listed above are introduced.
  • Dai, Jeanie Jaredson, and the Dundinborough Royal Family die.

Minor Lore[edit]

Timeline Placement[edit]

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Fall of Dundinborough Teaser Oct 31st, 2016
Character Creation - Episode 0 Nov 4th, 2016
Episode 1 Nov 6th, 2016
Episode 2 Nov 6th, 2016
Episode 3 Nov 6th, 2016
Episode 4 Nov 7th, 2016
Episode 5 Nov 7th, 2016
Episode 6 Nov 7th, 2016
Episode 7 Nov 8th, 2016
Episode 8 Nov 8th, 2016
Finale - Episode 9 Nov 8th, 2016
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Card Quests[edit]

Donation Block Ability Cards Lore Cards Legendaries
Bedtime Stories Divine Magic Eight Ball

Pot Puppy Plant

Stoneplated Swim Trunks

Toy Waraxe

The Tournament Galen Sunsword

Cecilia Briggs

Ghana Ens Sin

Jenathorn Barringster

Galen Sunsword

Cecilia Briggs, Part 1

Cecilia Briggs, Part 2

Cecilia Briggs, Part 3

Ghana Ens Sin

Jenathorn Barringster

Skelephelk Skelephelk

Strange Skelephelk

The Common Race
Golden Golem Golden Golem Grand Stonescaler
Defend the Shrine


  • This is the first Campaign that had a Teaser released for it. [1]
    • In the trailer the music is played for Bopen's mob hero event in another property of Rob's, Dwarves vs Zombies.
  • This is the 2nd Campaign to feature Millbee, and the first Live Campaign to feature him.
  • This Campaign is the 2nd Campaign to have Multiple Player Character Deaths.
    • Dai's death is the 9th Player Character's Death in URealms, the 1st Player Character's Death of Season 2, and the 1st Player Character's Death through the Death Roll system (Neither including Buzz's fake death).
    • Jeanie Jaredson is the 10th Player Character to Die.