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Fenrus BOT Puppet.png
AffiliationGwyneth Sunsword
Capable of SpeechNo
Campaigns Band of Thieves

Fenrus is a male Sunhound in Band of Thieves. He sleeps next to Gwyneth's home, but will come to the Sunsword's Summer home when called. One of his favorite activities is playing fetch with himself. He has even been known to grab intruders, thrown them across the room, and then chase after them to do it all again, turning the floor to Sun Tiles behind him.



  • Suntiles: Suntiles appear under the feet of Fenrus, making a trail of them as he walks.

Warrior Abilities[edit]

Uncategorized Abilities[edit]

  • Advanced Teleportation


Band of Thieves[edit]

Fenrus ran into the building and was immediately frozen by Yumi's Ray of Frost spell. Gracias then proceeded to unfreeze the wolf with his newly built Ring of Fire. Now free for movement, Fenrus grabbed K-4 and proceeded to toss him around the room, playing fetch.

When the battle concluded, the thieves ran for their lives, Fenrus stayed in the building.

The New Crew[edit]

Fenrus appeared during the raiding of the Sunsword's Summer Home by a band of pirates by displaying his ability to teleport when called upon by a whistle. Cain, in an effort to slow down the advancing beast threw his dog at Fenrus. Fenrus then takes no time in swallowing the pot puppy whole He briefly fights Cain, however Fenrus proved he was more than a match for the Porc Pirate.