Flesh Monstrosity

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Flesh Monstrosity

Flesh Monstrosity TC.png
Race Flesh Monstrosity
Hostile Yes
Affiliations Flesh Weavers
Abilities Unknown
Equipment None
Capable of Speech No
Weakness Red Glowing Center
First Appearance The Death of Virgo

Flesh Monstrosities, or Fleshlings, are artificial beings that are created by Flesh Weavers from the bodies of people, first seen in The Death of Virgo.


Flesh Monstrosities are made up of many peoples' bodies, which seem to be alive and in great pain. Moaning sounds will often emit from the creature, which are louder when it takes damage. If the mouths on the creatures - which are originally sown shut - are opened, the muffled moaning will become agonizing shrieking.


Flesh Monstrosities are made of various body parts of people, which are held together through stitching. There are multiple arms, legs, faces and bones stitched over its body. The eyes and mouths on the body may be sown shut. Opening the stitches on the eyes gives the creature sight. This stitching can come undone to reveal more body parts - including faces and groups of eyeballs. The larger stitching on the front of the Monstrosity's body can be undone to show a toothy maw with a red glowing center, which acts as its main weakness. They can vary in height and strength. They have four legs, but have shown to walk on two legs to move quicker.


When other creatures die, their blood is pooled into a floating sphere, which can be sent into the Flesh Monstrosity's body to heal it. The blood can be retrieved regardless of where it is, as seen when an Elaphelk consumed this blood only to have it sucked out of its pores.


Companion Abilities[edit]

  • [{Fleshweaver / Fleshweaver Golem}]


The Death of Virgo[edit]

Virgo Sunsword and his personal men where sent in to investigate the disappearance of a village and two squads of Sunswords. There they met Reginald Barringster III, who told them that he had suspected the Snowbolds had taken the villagers and elves. In reality, Reginald had sold the bodies to a group of Gnome Flesh Weavers, who where creating the monstrosity for an unknown reason. Upon finding the Gnome's hideout, Reginald had escaped, but Virgo had confronted and killed the leader of the gnomes, only to find the Monstrosity had awoken.

After a heated battle, the Sunswords managed to kill the Monstrosity and find Reginald's receipts. It is unknown what became of the Gnome Flesh Weavers.

The Cobblers[edit]

The Fleshweavers within the caves surrounding Chossals had been kidnapping Dwarves from the town, and killing them, sewing their bodies into multiple Flesh Monstrosities. These amalgams were all controlled by the Divine Child Anthahall, whose own body had been torn apart in the Birth of Magic, and so their spirit began to inhabit the dreams of others, leading them to command the Fleshweavers to construct new bodies for them.

Upon the Cobblers arriving at the deepest part of the cave, they discovered a large Flesh Monstrosity waiting. Some of them fell for its whispers, but they eventually managed to defeat it. As they began to plan to head out, three more Flesh Monstrosities appeared, and another battle ensued. Once again, the monstrosities were defeated, one collapsing on top of Reginald Barringster III, whose mind was blank, leading to the whispers corrupting and gaining control of his mind. The Cobblers then left, thinking that they had defeated Legion, but they had just left behind a new host for the spirit of Anthahall.

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  • The Flesh monstrosities in The Death of Virgo used Ytts as their tiles.
  • When Borris Cobbler scrambled Reginald's mind, he left it blank, allowing Legion to control his body, once the Flesh Monstrosities were defeated. This sets up the events that occur in The Death of Virgo.
    • If Reginald had died in The Cobblers, the entire campaign would be a paradox, as the vision that Borris saw, where Virgo confronted Reginald, was in the future.
      • Alternatively, if he HAD died, Rob would have had to say that there was no trick and that Reginald was the bad guy and that he was just lying.