Flesh Weavers

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This article is about the group of Fleshweavers. For the Class, see Fleshweaver.

Flesh Weavers

Flesh Monstrosity TC.png
Status Unknown
First Appearance The Death of Virgo

Flesh Weavers are a cult of practitioners of the art of 'Flesh Weaving', the dark art of stitching the bodies of people together to create Flesh Monstrosities.


Flesh Weavers are beholden Anthahall, child of Golestandt, the Dragon Aspect of Dark Magic. Since the destruction of the Divine Child's body during the Birth of Magic, Anthahall's spirit has haunted the dreams of people, hoping to influence them to stitch together new bodies for the Divine Child to possess.

The Cobblers[edit]

The Death of Virgo[edit]




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