Folshe Drocha

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Folshe Drocha
Folshe Drocha GSPI Puppet.png
AffiliationQuintara Lotus
Campaigns Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator
SeasonsSeason Three

Folshe Drocha is an Elf Deathknight played by DeadBones in Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator. Folshe is an employee under Quintara Lotus who was instructed to pose as a Dwarf and help enact a murder in order to toy with Galen Sunsword. She was last seen returning to her leaving with Quintara Lotus and returning to her employement in the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.



Folshe Drocha is a female Elf who has notably large hair and a busty figure. She is shown to wear earrings in each ear, and large collar shirt, and a low cut shirt.

During the events of Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator, Folshe took the appearance of a Dwarf, having been in this form for some time.


Due to her actions being an act, her true personality is unknown. What is seen of her true personality, is that she is very proud of her acting and very loyal to her employer Quintara Lotus. She was known to stay in character as an "Dark Magic Activist" for many years in an effort to sell Galen Sunsword.

In her false personality, Folshe had a very reserved, yet snarky mentality. She kept quiet during most conversations and often deflected the conversation back to other members of her group. Whenever the prospect of Light Magic being the cause for pain, Folshe would speak up, sarcastically remarking how Light Magic couldn't hurt anyone, unlike Dark Magic. Her personality shifted to mania when it was revealed that she was partnered with Marrel Limboratti, becoming extremely aggressive and erratic, even using a massive explosion to attempt to end everyone.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Folshe Drocha is an incredible actress, being able to stay in character under duress and for a lengthy time.


Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dwarf}]
  • [{Class / Deathknight}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Sanguinian}]
  • [{Attribute / Cannibal}]


  • [{Passive / Ironskin}]


  • [{Deathknight / Absolute Zero}]
  • [{Deathknight / Deathstrike}]
  • [{Deathknight / Ice Wraith}]
  • [{Deathknight / Magic Shell}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Armor / Ytt Transversing Leather}]
  • [{Weapon / Elaphelk Horn Staff}]
  • Dragonfist Gauntlets

Former Belongings[edit]


Xenthrill Barringster[edit]

Xenthrill Battingster is a Elf Cabalist who is the mentor of Folshe. He is a lawyer for the Barringster & Barringster law firm.

Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator[edit]

Xenthrill is the proprietor of the Barringster & Barringster lawyer company. He is known to represent all of the criminals of Than'drellfal in court and is generally not a nice person. He was killed by Folshe Drocha after she revealed herself to be working with Quintara Lotus and Marrel Limboratti, but then Galen Sunsword revived Xenthrill using the spell [{Legendary / Greater Lay on Hands}], and the lawyer became reclusive after coming back to life.

Companion Inventory[edit]

  • [{Attribute / Reclusive}]
  • [{Companion / Elven Cabalist}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Blanket of Darkness EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Life Drain EX}]
Xenthrill Barringster
Capable of SpeechYes
Campaigns Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator



Folshe Drocha's exact history is unknown, due to all of it being a fallacy. What is known is that she is an employee by Quintara Lotus, residing in the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. She was instructed by Quintara to assist Marrel Limboratti in keeping the murder of herself and the possession of Pablo's body a secret until Galen Sunsword solved the crime.

Folshe decided to create a false personality as a Dwarf who was a Dark Magic Activist, who could often protest that Light Magic was pure and could not hurt anyone. Finding that protesting was ineffective, she decided to become a lawyer, first joining the law firm of Daniel, Daniels, Danielson. However, she grew to dislike Zeddicus Daniels' obsession with the law and unwillingness to go beyond it, so she quit the law firm and joined Barringster & Barringster, serving as a Lawyer in training under Xenthrill Barringster. At some point, Barringster & Barringster obtained the Limboratti family as clients, leading Xenthrill and Folshe to represent Marrel when she seemingly perished and joined Galen Sunsword in the investigation.

Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator[edit]

Folshe accompanied Xenthrill Barringster under the disguise as his assistant--and future Lawyer--representing Marrel Limboratti when her skeletal remains where found. There, she met Galen Sunsword, who was asked to investigate the murder due to the unknown nature of the spell used to kill Marrel. Folshe stayed near the back of the group, often being silent during many legal discussions between Barringster and Daniels. It was not until Barringster had to represent Sallazhar Sintour to free him of charges brought on by Galen and Daniels that she had to step into the foreground and be the representative of Barringster & Barringster. She joined Galen and his group as they blended in at a casino, where a suspect lay hidden. When the suspect ran, she gave chase, albeit slowly due to her attire not for chasing. She, along with the rest of the group, managed to corner the suspect, where they were revealed to be Douglas Oggo.

Folshe joined Galen and the Group as they detained Douglas Oggo and returned to the scene of the crime. However, as Galen began to solve the case, proving that Marrel Limboratti tricked her husband into using the Final Gift spell into allowing Marrel's spirit to overtake her husband's body, allowing her to live on in his body, Marrel revealed that Folshe was working with her. Folshe dropped any kindness to the group and began attacking them, revealing that she had a level 2 mana bomb that was set to detonate.



  • During character creation and throughout the entire Campaign, it was throught that Folshe was a Dwarf. Only during the final act was it revealed that Folshe was an Elf the whole time.