Frost Elemental

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Frost Elemental

Frost Elemental PH.png
Race Elemental
Hostile No
Affiliations Theurgists, Elementals
Capable of Speech No
First Appearance Porc Hunters

Frost Elementals are Elementals that may be summoned using liquid, by Theurgists. They can also occur naturally in the world, in very cold environments.


When a Theurgist uses their ability Summon Frost Elemental, there must be a source of liquid, but it does not necessarily have to be water. When a Frost Elemental takes damage, the caster must choose to take the stamina cost for the Frost Elemental to keep it alive, though if they don't, the summoning instantly fades.

Frost Elementals take on the properties of the liquid that they are made out of. This is evident as when a Frost Elemental was created out of Fish Yogurt, it was very chunky and smelt terrible.

Powers & Abilities[edit]

Companion Abilities[edit]

  • [{Theurgist / Frost Elemental}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Spell Echo: Ice}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Ice Ray EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Frost Shield EX}]


The Death of Virgo[edit]

A few Frost Elementals where seen living on the frozen lake. One of them took an interest in Cecilia, Nathaniel Granger's deceased wife whose spirit was reborn in a Nimbus familiar. After following Cecilia around for a short time, the Frost Elemental lost interest and continued to wander around the Frozen Lake.

Notable Frost Elementals[edit]

Ice Lord[edit]

Ice Lord was a Frost Elemental summoned by DeNada during Porc Hunters to cool off the balls of the Elf manager after their fight with the Fire Spirit, but came with his own unique "personality". Ice Lord performed so well during the campaign though, most notably during the fight with The Whisper Snake of Emerald Lake and Goblins, that he was awarded the rank of Private in Theta Squad by Ca-Rell. This rank was looked down upon by Dave. During The Silvermine Mountains, Ice Lord returned as one of the guards in the Silvermine Mountains along with DeNada. However, he was evaporated during a riot by a stray fireball thrown by Chilly Wizzy.


  • Currently, Frost Elementals can be created out of Swampy Water, Whiskey and Fish Yogurt. It was said that they can be created out of a Rancid Swammie, but did not occur.