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Funk TSS.png
Race Funk
Hostile Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Abilities Funk Spary
Capable of Speech Yes (Hallucinations)
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance The Sunswords

Funks are creatures resembling skunks with fox-like features that first appeared in The Sunswords.


A Funk is a cross between a fox and a skunk. The main body of a Funk looks similar to that of a fox, but the tail is much larger, often being bigger than the body, and Carlos has his tail rest on his head, making it looks like a hairstyle.

Funks are magical beings, and as such, don't require food. They don't possess the ability to talk, but can cause the people they spray to experience hallucinations of Funks that talk to them, such as Carlos.

Powers & Abilities[edit]

Companion Abilities[edit]

  • [{Companion / Funk}]
  • [{Companion Passive / After Breath}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Bite}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Delusion Spray}]


The Sunswords[edit]

The first appearance of a Funk was when Kallark Gandolin was suddenly sprayed by one in the middle of fighting some Goblins. For the remainder of that campaign the Funk Carlos would randomly appear, effectively usurping his turn, and engage taunting and un-helpful advice.

The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

Carlos returned once again alongside Kallark Gandolin, and, as Kallark would repeatedly start talking to Carlos in the middle of a conversation with someone else, many people believed him to be insane. Eventually, Carlos managed to convince Kallark to release the prisoners in order to save Unter and Trusty Neconni, thus leading to the collapse of the mountain.

The Blood Snake Queen[edit]

The Ogre that the mercenaries encountered on their journey owned a Funk, who he tried to sell to Dob and Emit Crank for 1000 gold. However, as the Ogre questioned the two, he deemed them unsuitable owners for the Funk, as Dob was a bad Bard, and Emit was unemployed, and didn't know that Funks don't eat food. Upon hearing this, Slippery Knuckles Malone jumped out of the bush he was hiding in, to try to convince the Ogre to sell them the Funk. The Ogre, however, then rose the price of the Funk to 3000 gold, but SK and Belladona von Feingart were able to distract him, by making him reconsider whether he actually wanted to sell it, and in this time period, Dob charmed the Funk, and had him run off into the forest, causing the Ogre to run after it, allowing the party to pass safely.

Unexpected Discovery[edit]

Raynel got sprayed by a funk in the Zelfatar ruins, losing her eyesight and hallucinating about a funk named Isabella. Toward the end of the campaign, The Beenu Apparition fixed Raynel's eyesight, and Isabella was not seen after that point in time, so it is unknown if Raynel is still suffering from the hallucinatory effects of funk spray.

The Last Beenu[edit]

Notable Funks[edit]

  • Carlos - A hallucination of a Funk appeared to Kallark Gandolin after being sprayed, who acted very carelessly, and disliked Kallark. This hallucination enjoyed messing with Kallark, and even tried to convince him to murder the Kobold children, Unter and Gunter, by repeatedly telling him that they were Ytts in disguise.
  • Isabella - A funk that follows Raynel.
  • Rupert Dupert - A funk that that is a conjoined figment of the minds of David Jerry, Miles, Gherkin, Nesbin and Ghostblade.


  • The Funks that sprayed Kallark Gandolin and Raynel were brought on by Supporter Events.
  • Rob would often use Carlos to break the fourth wall, revealing information that he couldn't possibly know, or referring to things outside of the URealms universe.
  • Rob mentioned in the Behind the Scenes video for The Sunswords that he wanted to have a Funk spray many different characters, and even potentially have a campaign where he brings all of the Funk-sprayed characters together.