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Norokoh Xhir't
Campaigns The Skeleton King, The Sandbolds, The Last Beenu
SeasonsSeason Two Season Three Sins of the Unforgotten

Norokoh Xhir't (sometimes spelled X'hirt or X'shirt), now nearly always known by their assassin pseudonym Ghostblade, is a Beenu Assassin played by Rob in the campaigns The Skeleton King, The Sandbolds and The Last Beenu. They are an infamous assassin, known for killing one of the 12 Original Dwarven Kings as well as slaying the mortal brother of the Dragon Aspects. They are the child of Lyn Azveltara and Bei Mei X'hirt, gifted to them by the Old Gods. They were last seen pacified in the Final Talon, while Maelstrom killed the Sandbolds that captured them.



Ghostblade is a gender-fluid Beenu whose hair and feathers have been plucked from their body nearly completely. Save for a few locks of hair at the front of their face, their head is completely bald. Their body is riddled with scar tissue, including a burned right eye. They wear a dark, long-sleeved shirt, and a metal binder with a skull motif. Over this, they wear a small jacket. On their face they wear a mask that hides their nose and entire mouth, showing only their teeth.


Ghostblade was a ruthless assassin for hire, with a calm persona when negotiating prices and kills. They were known for a willingness to kill anyone, even high profile targets if the pay was generous. However, they drank from Luca's cursed skull, which pacified them by having their persona turned into a bumbling idiot.

As a child, Norokoh was very caring for their mother Bei Mei X'hirt, but shared hostility with their other mother Lyn Azveltara. They also cared for the assassins that fled with them from Ninjaru, but when the other assassins were captured and perished, they were left alone.

Ghostblade has been shown to kill anyone who touches them, which may be a result of having their body mutilated by Quintara Lotus, leaving them looking nothing like their former Beenu self.


Ghostblade is shown to be very reserved from the crew of Bopen, only talking with Clott and Bopen. They were fond of Bopen, as his history of massive killings and mythological status made them view him as an equal. With Clott, they referred to the Porc for missions due to him hiring them. After they were pacified , Clott took advantage of their capabilities, causing them to wipe out a Kobold town they were sent to kill.

As a child, Norokoh cared deeply for their mother Bei, who returned the love and affection. Their other mother, Lyn Azveltara, viewed them as an object whose only purpose was to repopulate the Beenu race after Lyn committed genocide. This led to an extremely hostile relationship between the two, and Norokoh's eventual fleeing from Ninjaru.

Powers & Abilities[edit]


  • [{Attribute / Halfwit}]


  • [{Legendary / Junkyosha}]


Norokoh is the daughter of Lyn Azveltara and Bei Mei X'hirt, given to them by the Old Gods. They were brought up to be an assassin by thbut mother Bei, but forbidden to become an assassin by Lyn. Lyn regarded Norokoh as nothing more than an object used to bring the Beenu race back from extinction. This causes a rift between the three Azveltaras, and, in turn, causes Norokoh to side with Bei.

Norokoh is taken on their first assassination mission with Bei, in which Norokoh chooses the call-sign "Ghostblade".

The Last Beenu[edit]

Bei takes Ghostblade, along with her personal group of assassins Gherkin, David Jerry, Miles, and Nesbin, to perform their first assassination. Ghostblade successfully kills their first target: an unnamed male Elf.

Ghostblade, having successfully killed a dwarven king, escapes with the only other assassin to escape, David Jerry. However, the two of them are then attacked by a raging Quintara Lotus, who erases Jerry and horribly mutilates Ghostblade, ripping off their feathers and wings and mutilating their right eye.

The Skeleton King[edit]

Ghostblade was hired by Clott to join Bopen's Crew in the crime-ridden town of Dundinborough. They approached the crew due to the legendary kills of Bopen, eager to work with him. They were quickly hired due to their impressive skills in assassination and proficient killing, with Bopen even having Ghostblade kill members of his mutinous crew in secret while the rest of the new recruits were being initiated by Colin the Behemoth. Ghostblade later drank from the cursed skull that Luca carried, which pacified them into a bumbling buffoon that was quickly taken advantage of.

The crew then went on to kill a town of Kobolds to test the mettle of the new crew. Clott then took advantage of Ghostblade's new weakness and ordered them to kill the entire town. However, the killing was stopped by the Sandbolds who kidnapped Ghostblade and a few Kobold children who were left orphaned by the assassin.

The Sandbolds[edit]

The Sandbolds took Ghostblade back to their base known as the Final Talon. There, they began examining the assassin, where it was revealed that they were in fact a (biologically) female Beenu, the last known surviving Beenu in the realms.

They were kept in the Final Talon for decades, still pacified as a half-wit.


As of The Last Beenu's Divine Decision, Maelstrom has cured Ghostblade's ailments with his divine power, restoring them to their original form and giving them a Sin of the Unforgotten.


  • Norokoh's pseudonym, Ghostblade, was based on a Doom Clock event in Rob's Minecraft Minigame Dwarves Vs Zombies.
  • Ghostblade was thought to be a male elf until it was revealed in The Sandbolds that, along with their species as a Beenu, they were in fact biologically female.
    • It is learned in The Last Beenu that Ghostblade tends to be referred to using male pronouns, alluding to them being gender-fluid or non-binary.
    • Rob later clarified that Ghostblade is indeed gender-fluid, and does not have any preferred pronouns.
    • This makes Ghostblade the second canonically transgender individual in URealms, the first since Jimmy Blant.