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Goblin Puppet.png
Race Goblin
Hostile Yes
Affiliations Goblins
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance Porc Hunters

Goblins, also called Gobos, are a Races in URealms Live.


Goblins currently have an unknown origin, being the only other race other than Gnomes to not have their creation revealed. Historically, the Goblins are regarded a Creature race, rather than a sentient race. This has forced them to live as thieves, pirates and other less moral occupations, further pushing their stereotype of being lowlifes. This has caused the other races to look down upon them, but with Elves being the most serious of the case. Most civilized Elves apart of the Sunsword Military have been seen to kill the Goblins on sight.


Goblins are a small, humanoid race with green or red skin that often live off the beaten path and away from established civilization. The Goblins with Greenskin are referred to as such, these Greenskin Gobos are typically the size of Gnome and have the innate ability to read the minds of all of the other Goblins. A special type of Greenskin is referred to as an Elder Goblin. Elder Goblins are aged Greenskins who have lost their pair, but has more access to spells and abilities. The Goblins with Red Skin are referred to as Hobgoblins. The average Hobgob is about the size of a Kobold or Dwarf, and is notably for durable than their Greenskin counterparts. The Hobgoblins have their own subspecies known as the Darken Hobgob, who have access to dark Sorcerer Magic that preys on the flesh and blood of others.


Goblins are known for their characteristic greenskin and their spindly body frames. Goblins are notably frail, but can be especially tenacious and hard to kill if they are determined enough. Goblins almost always travel in pairs, with whom they share a strong mental link with.Pairs of Goblins are generally formed between family members or close friends. This form of telepathy is shared with all greenskin goblins, but appears to be the strongest between members of a pair. Pair bonds between greenskins can often be symbiotic, as exemplified by the goblin pair Marco and Polo, who are blind and deaf, respectively, and assist one another in interacting with the outside world. If one member of a goblin pair dies, the other may become an Elder Goblin.


A strange evolution of Elves that give them many traits similar to Goblins causing most of people within the Realm to confuse them with each other.


Hobgoblins are generally rust-colored Goblins. They are generally large and taller than their greenskin counterparts, many of them appearing to be overweight. While sharing many of the attributes of their Greenskin brethren, they do not possess the telepathy characteristic to greenskins, making them the subject of ridicule for Greenskins, who see their Hobgoblin counterparts are dimwitted and stupid. It is worth noting that while Hobgoblins lack Goblin telepathy, greenskin goblins have no trouble reading the thoughts of hobgoblins. Hobgoblins are particularly more robust than Greenskins, lacking their tendency to be killed in one fell swoop. Indeed, hobgoblins are at least twice as durable as any greenskin.

Darken Hobgoblins[edit]

Darken Hobgoblins greatly resemble Hobgoblins in terms of size and skin pigment. Darken Hobgobs have practiced in the forbidden Blood Magic school of Sorcerer skills.

Goblin Culture[edit]

Little is known about Goblin society due to their avoidance of most of civil society. They appear to travel in small groups made up of pairs and mostly live off of petty theft, swindling and other similar criminal acts. There appears to be a divide between hobgoblins and Greenskin goblins, due to Hobgoblins lacking the telepathy that is characteristic to greenskins, while still being readable to greenskins. This makes Hobgoblins ever more rejected than Greenskins are.

It is unknown if Goblins ever settle down in towns or other similar civil establishments or if they are purely nomadic. Due to the heavy widespread hatred of goblins from other races, it might be difficult for goblins to settle into towns or cities as other races might. Despite this, goblins appear to have a concept of a family unit, as Buzz Dinglefizz was able to adopted by a hobgoblin family in the story "A Buzz Life", and Pryor and Madelyne, as well as Warren and Terrence are portrayed to have a normal father/daughter and sibling dynamic, respectively, in the fictitious The Many Gobos of Pat. However, considering that these examples are from fiction, their accuracy is debatable. - It is notable that Johnny Feo was adopted by a family of Hobgoblins who seemed to have normal familial relationships based upon what was said about his family life, so there is also some canon evidence for Hobgoblins having a standard family structure that isn't considered fiction in universe.

A particular type of goblins, known as Darken Hobgobs are notable practitioners of blood magic. This form of sorcery is typically forbidden and rare in most of civil society, but is apparently fairly common in the goblin world. This sort of magic requires the use of flesh and blood of other people. As this form of dark magic largely involves lifting and throwing heavy objects enchanted with dark energy, hobgoblins appear to be naturally adept.[1] This blood magic is closely tied to Flesh Weaving.

A more mundane application of this form of dark magic may include the Blood Flame Lantern, stated to have been designed by Goblins.


Companion Abilities[edit]

  • [{Companion / Goblin}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Tricky Engineers}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Strike}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Steal}]


Companion Abilities[edit]

  • [{Companion / Gobolf}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Damned}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Slash}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Warped Magic}]

Darken Hobgobs[edit]

Companion Abilities[edit]

  • [{Companion / Darken Hobgob}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Bloodlust}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Blood Magic Circle}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Flesh Bomb}]



Goblins are naturally skilled thieves, able to steal from anyone or any place.


Greenskins can read any other goblin's mind. Hobgoblins do not have this ability, but can be read regardless. It is unknown if gobolfs share this ability. On the meta level, greenskin goblin pairs share a stamina pool and are played by a single player.

Notable Goblins[edit]




  • Elves and Porcs think Goblin are delicious to eat.
  • Goblins are not allowed to be a part of the Tambok's Special Friend Show.
    • Terrence and Warren, originally put into the Tambok Show, have since been removed from the Show.
  • Most Elves justify their hatred towards Goblins with the reasoning that, due to their shared telepathy, they appear to share a hivemind, and thus seem less like individuals and more a dangerous collective of vermin to them.
    • This "justification" only seems to apply to Greenskin Goblins. The reason why Elves despise Hobgoblins is unknown.
    • The Gobolf Companion Card mentions that Gobolfs are a strange creature that, 'evolution' wise, is an in between Elves and Greenskin Goblins[2]. It is possible that Elves view Goblins as vermin because they are 'de-evolved' creatures from Elves. It would also make Hobgoblins an even further 'de-evolved' Race from Greenskins, and would explain why Greenskins tend to reject Hobgoblins.
  • Goblins are often used in ventriloquist puppets. The same goes for small Keen Gnomes.
  • Interestingly, Greenskins seem to appear more often than Hobgoblins, possibly indicating that Greenskins are either more common, or simply more willing to venture out into the open than Hobgoblins.