Golden Golem

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Golden Golem

Golden Golem FOD.png
Name Golden Golem
Race Golem
Affiliations Bopen
  • Drain Treasure
Capable of Speech Yes
Status Deceased
First Appearance The Fall of Dundinborough

The Golden Golem was a golem found in King Dundinborough's treasure vault.



It's body looks like flowing water, as it is nothing but coins and jewels flowing into a body.


The Golem, despite appearing to be a ferocious beast there to steal the gold, is actually cognitive. When it grows a mouth and begins speaking in a strange language, it is actually speaking backwards. When decoded one finds out that it is begging its foes to leave it alone, stating this treasure was promised to it and that it is simply taking what it was promised. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Powers & Abilities[edit]


  • Loose Change: Loose Change Smash up to 3 different Areas with your golden fist as a Basic Attack.
  • Ruby Slash: Slash at a Target with your Ruby Sword dealing 50 Damage. If you would Defeat that Target with this attack, cut off one of their arms and leave them at 1 Stamina. This Ability should usually only be used at Targets Marked for Death.
  • Limit Break: Attack all Targets on the Battlefield with a Basic Attack using an unknown powerful force of Magic to hurl a Treasure Item around the entire vault room. All Characters hit by this attack are Forced to only use attacks and abilities on the Golden Golem.
  • Gold Force: Using an unknown powerful force of Magic, grab a hold a player and send them flying across the room at a wall dealing and 30 Damage.
  • Drain Treasure: Destroy a non-Legendary Treasure Item in a Character's Inventory and then laugh at them. You may use this ability at the start of your turn as an Immediate Bonus Action.


The Fall of Dundinborough[edit]

The party was attacked by a Golden Golem when they went to bring Prince Phineas Dundinborough on a tour of the Treasure Vault.

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