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RaceDragon Aspect
AffiliationCult of Bones


Children: Layla, Anthahall
AliasThe Ageless One
Campaigns The Silvermine Mountains
SeasonsSeason One Season Two Season Three

Golestandt, also known as The Ageless One, is the Dragon Aspect of Dark Magic, first seen in The Silvermine Mountains, when he was freed from the mountain by members of the Cult of Bones. Followers of Golestandt gain the Herald of Bones attribute.



Before the Birth of Magic, Golestandt lived with his brethren and his parents. However, with the death of his father, Phanto, Golestandt changed drastically, transforming into the Dragon Aspect of Dark. This transformation left Golestandt feral. His existence brought forth Dark Magic, and everywhere he went, death and destruction followed. His existence also brought forth the Ageless, and with them, the Cult of Bones.

Many years after the death of Phanto, Virgo Sunsword did battle with the Cult and Golestandt. Although the Cultists, being Ageless, were nearly unkillable, Virgo found a way to defeat and kill off many of them by crushing their skulls. He also found a way to defeat the Ageless One, and force him into a prolonged slumber. Where the Ageless One slept, Virgo ordered the construction of Mountains on top of it. These mountains became the Silvermine Mountains.

The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

It is revealed that the "silver" the Elves have been eating to lengthen their lives are the scales of Golestandt. The mining of the mountain is an attempt to weaken the beast within. The Ageless One was released from his prison in the Silvermine Mountains by a group of criminals led by the Cultist Khn'n-Rell, and flew off into the world, destroying the Mountain in his wake.


After having been freed from the Mountains, Golestandt went around causing death and destruction wherever he went. One of the locations he destroyed was the small Dwarven village of Waldon. His Dragon Breath not only destroyed the town, but converted all the people in and around it into mindless Ageless known as Lost Souls. He continued to fly onwards after destroying the town.

The Senate of Deadlantis[edit]

Golestandt was seen before the Birth of Magic in the first act of The Senate of Deadlantis, making an appearance at Louis Tarcial'Embeart's party where he partook in the fun of the party. He showed off his powers of shapeshifting and boasted about himself, and was later seen magically impregnating Trisha Vinisto, along with Zanaria Vinisto and their dog Bosco. He then also made an appearance singing the Elven Ascension song in a upbeat way.

Powers & Abilities[edit]

  • Black Smoke Breath: Golestandt can breathe a black smoke from his mouth, causing complete destruction of everything it touches, killing any living creatures and reincarnating them as mindless Ageless beings, that can also exhale this smoke, spreading the affliction of it. He demonstrated this ability when he destroyed the town of Waldon, converting its inhabitants into these mindless Ageless creatures.
  • Disguise: Golestandt can change his appearance so that he resembles any other being in the realm. While in this disguise, he may change any part of him back into his original form, as shown when he he changed only his head back to that of a dragon while in an Elven form.




  • Golestandt is the first canon Dragon in URealms Live.
  • The storyline of the The Silvermine Mountains was voted on by fans, and the winning storyline introduced the Ageless One.
    • If another storyline would have been picked instead in The Silvermine Mountains, the "wall" consisting of scales of The Ageless One would instead be portrayed as a poorly designed wall.
  • Golestandt has made appearances in earlier versions of the game Dwarves vs. Zombies. But appears to be a mere reference since the two dragons appearances vastly differ. Rob has on several occasions denied any connection between the worlds of DvZ and URealms Live.
    • Another reference to Golestandt's roots in DvZ can be seen in Woodcarvers, with the Dragon Aspect being summoned by way of a $1000 donation event titled "The Friendship Song." This is a cheeky reference to a stream of the game where Youtuber Etho refused to sing the aforementioned Friendship Song at all costs, thus summoning a dragon that kills nearly everyone.
  • Golestandt houses one of his Children's spirit within him; the spirit of Anthahall, a divine being who 'died' during the Birth of Magic.
  • In the Behind the Scenes video for Okagnoma Guild Hall, Rob mentioned that Tambok is a child of Golestandt. However, this hasn't been stated in any campaign yet, so the canonicity of the statement is dubious.
    • It is also not known to be canon at all as Rob says that he doesn't remember, meaning that it could be that somebody else is Golestandt's child or that Rob made a small slip up.
  • Before the Birth of Magic, Golestandt was known to transform into the form of an Elven male to hang out with the elves, often transforming without clothes. In this form, he was shown to have a notably large penis.