Grand Paladin Order (Organization)

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This article is about the Organization. For other uses, see Grand Paladin Order (Disambiguation).

Grand Paladin Order

Paladin Order Ahnk.png
Members Unknown
Status Active
First Appearance The Zarlin Catacombs

The Grand Paladin Order, also known simply as the Paladin Order, is a religious police force that serves under The Light. The Order's main goal is to keep the zealous members of the Ageless from harming, or otherwise disrupting, the living races.



The Grand Paladin Order formed some time after the Birth of Magic. Its founding members are currently known.

Sometime later, the Order began investigating the ground beneath the Tower of Ulimate Wizardry, discovering the Zarlin Catacombs. Alpha Wolf Bromas and his team of Paladins were tasked with investigating the ruins. Upon finding several still active Beenu machines that proved to either be dangerous or capable of physically altering one's person, the group soon left the Catacombs.

Due to the physical alterations Bromas underwent in the Catacombs, Bromas began to jump on any opportunity to investigate more ruins in order to return to normal. Eventually the Guild of Explorers found a set of Beenu Ruins named Zelfatar that they where willing to sell discoveries to the Order. Bromas formed a new team, joined with members of the Guild, to investigate the ruins. Eventually, they found that the Dragon Aspect Vlaurunga was using it for a den. This caused the group to pull out.

Elsewhere, the Grand Paladin Virgo Sunsword was commanding his personal warship to take out the pirate ship known as the Bocoe in retaliation for its crew's raid of his summer home. The crew managed to overtake the pirates and capture them. However, this was short lived as the Ageless Pirate Bopen soon attacked Grand Paladin Sunsword's ship. The battle was hard fought, but eventually Bopen's unique advantage of being seemingly unkillable allowed him to kill the Grand Paladin, and take his skull as his own.

Soon word of the demise traveled to the Grand Paladin HQ, where Lance Willakers and Galen Sunsword debated on who should become the next Grand Paladin. However, Gwyneth Sunsword, Kallark Gandolin and a horde of Ageless Spiders appeared near the keep. The Sunsword siblings, Lance, Kallark, and various members of the Grand Paladin Order began defending the Keep against waves of spiders, goblins and eventually the Venomburner broodmother. After the conclusion of the battles, Galen decided it would be best if Gwyneth became the next Grand Paladin, leaving himself to take over leadership of the Sunsword family and Lance to man the front lines.

Soon after Gwyneth's indoctrination into the role of Grand Paladin, she lifted the ban on attacking peaceful members of the Ageless community, calling for a Purge. Following the enactment of the order, Lance Willakers and several members of the Order were tasked with purging the city of Reldawin of the Ageless race. During the mission, several members of the Order, including Lance himself, were killed and turned Ageless.


Grand Paladins
Gwyneth Sunsword Icon.png Virgo Sunsword Icon.png
Virgo Sunsword
Grand Viziers
Kallark Gandolin Icon.png Galen Sunsword Icon.png Lance Willakers Icon.png
Fjord Stormstick Icon.png Temp Icon.png
Fjord Stormstick Loreland
Bromas Kobold Icon.png Fantastico Fabioso Concubine Icon.png Raynel Icon.png Sergio Fabioso Male Icon.png Sonya Icon.png
Bromas Fantastico
Raynel Sergio Fabioso Sonya
Tania Grayson Icon.png Fetchthewater Icon.png Wolster Vemtari Icon.png Indria Vemtari Quinn Vemtari
Tania Grayson Fetchthewater Wolster Vemtari Indria Vemtari Quinn Vemtari
Morton Icon.png Jormr Icon.png Vitali Zankovich Icon.png Mikael Zankovich Icon.png Alessa Stonemason Icon.png
Morton Jormr Vitali
Heathera Stonemason Icon.png Sagequake Cythiel Dodric Doggin
Sagequake Cythiel Dodric Doggin


  • Grand Paladin Headquarters: The Headquarters to the Order, located in Kaddoral.


  • Grand Paladin: The supreme commander of the Order, and a title that is passed down with the death of the former Grand Paladin.
  • Vizier to the Commanding Assistant: A title held by ambitious members of the Order who directly serve under higher ranking officials.
  • Alpha Wolf: Used by Bromas while leading his team.
  • Squire: A low ranking soldier that has been initiated into the Order.


  • It is said by Sonya that Gnomes would offer wounded and poor members of the Order replacement parts in the form of Elemechs.