Guild of Explorers

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This article is about the Season 1 Campaign. For the Organziation, see Guild of Explorers (Group).

Season 1
Air Date: December 4th, 2015
Guild of Explorers
The Silvermine Mountains
Battle of the Bards

Guild of Explorers is the 11th campaign of Season 1, and it started airing on December 4th, 2015. In this campaign, the crew play as archaeologists hunting for an ancient relic.



Character Race Class Player
Chip Chop Icon.png Chip Chop Gnome Booty Raider Justin
Jameson Blant Icon.png Jameson "Jimmy" Blant Gnome Suncleric Rob
Patrick Cake Icon.png Patrick Cake Keen Sorcerer Roamin
Slap Icon.png Slap Dwarf Thane Coestar


Character Race Class
Fleshweaver Smiggons Icon.png The Peddler Unknown
Duke Daring Icon.png Duke Daring Dwarf Buccaneer
Big 'un Icon.png Big 'un Unknown

Battle Encounters[edit]


The crew which has been assigned a quest from the Guild of Explorers to find the 'Secret Scrolls of the Sandbold' sets out into the desert in an attempt to find them. Unfortunately though, after burning down a shop stall and murdering the shopkeeper's donkey, the crew encounters a rival party in search for the scrolls, led by Jimmy Blant's rival, Duke Daring. After a long confrontation featuring a massive skeleton who's sole purpose is to kill Chip Chop, and a magic carpet of holding fiasco the crew all end up trapped in the bubble dimension inside the magical carpet of holding.

Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

  • The events of this campaign are played out.
  • All of the characters listed above are introduced, most notably Duke Daring.
  • The Realm of Holding is established.

Minor Lore[edit]

Timeline Placement[edit]

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Character Creation - Episode 0 Dec 4, 2015
Episode 1 Dec 5, 2015
Episode 2 Dec 6, 2015
Episode 3 Dec 7, 2015
Episode 4 Dec 8, 2015
Finale - Episode 5 Dec 9, 2015
Behind the Scenes Dec 10, 2015
Campaign Playlist


  • This is the first campaign hosted by Deadbones.
  • This is the first campaign to be done solely through videos, rather than being streamed.
  • This is the first campaign that has combat in another dimension.
  • Rob actually bought a Soul Drainer during character creation, but after he rolled a 1 on checking his pockets for more gold, he discovered he was in debt and couldn't afford this item. It was thus returned to the shop.
  • This is so far the shortest campaign.
  • This is the second campaign to feature a party of 3 Gnomes and a Dwarf, the first being Band of Thieves.