Guild of Explorers (Group)

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The Guild of Explorers is a group which not much is known about. First appearing in the campaign of the same name, the Guild either is composed of, or hires, explorers to go and find ancient and/or mysterious artifacts.

Confirmed Members[edit]


Guild of Explorers[edit]

As of the beginning of the Guild of Explorers campaign, both Duke and Jameson were on a quest to find the Sandbold Scrolls. They both ended up at the same city, with Jameson having left the city proper shortly before Duke. Jameson and his group got distracted for quite some time right outside the city gate, however, which lead to Duke and his crew catching up to and confronting them. After a drawn out and complicated fight, Jameson and crew ended up stuck in the Realm of Holding, while Duke's crew (now short a few members due to the conflict) left to as-yet unknown whereabouts, presumably to resume looking for the Scrolls.


  • The Spell Disguise is a commonly practiced spell in the Guild of Explorers.
    • Because of this, a fellow Guild Member disguised as Jameson, spat in Daring's face when he asked for sugar, which started Daring's hatred of Jameson.