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Gunter TSS Puppet.png
  • Rebooc (adoptive father)
  • Unter (brother)
  • Unnamed Older Brother
Campaigns The Sunswords
SeasonsSeason One

Gunter is a Kobold child that was rescued along with her brother Unter from a burning farm by Kallark Gandolin during the Sunswords.

Personality and Traits[edit]


The Sunswords[edit]

Gunter and her brother, Unter, were found by the Sunswords in a burning barn, separated from their parents and older brother. Kallark Gandolin, Gwyneth Sunsword and Dave rushed to save the children, with Kallark taking them out of the barn and to the sanctity of the Sunswords prison transport in the care of the prisoner Kobolds. The spend their time there until they are attacked by a band of Porcs sent to rescue another prisoner of the Sunswords: Jakelad.

After the Sunswords fend off the attack, Unter and Gunter decide to be with their own kind, and follow Rebooc into the Silvermine Mountains.

The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

Some time before the campaign began, Gunter was separated from her brother and put into a deeper part of the prison. Kallark came to rescue her and Unter from the prison, but could not find Gunter in time.


Having been in a deeper part of the Silvermine Mountains when the mountain collapsed, her fate is unknown.