Heathera Stonemason

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Heathera Stonemason
AffiliationThe Woodcarvers
StatusAlive, brought back to life by Galen Sunsword
Campaigns Woodcarvers
SeasonsSeason Two Season Three

"I love you, Mom."
— Heathera Stonemason

Heathera Stonemason is a Dwarf who first appeared in Woodcarvers. Heathera is the only surviving child of Alessa Stonemason and is actively pursuing to become a great Ranger like her mother. However, Alessa often keeps her at home and away from any adventures, rightly so due to her having the Doomed attribute.



Heathera is a female Hill Dwarf with a thin figure and long hair that she wears in crescent moon ponytails. She wears a long sleeve shirt that is slightly low cut with fur around the neckline and with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She carries a black satchel and keeps her hair up in star-like hair ties.


Heathera is a somewhat rebellious adventurer who loves to take on new hobbies and aspirations. She often changes her mind on many issues including her future career and who she wants to be romantically involved in. Heathera can be unintentionally nihilistic due to her Doomed attribute.


Heathera is a very open young girl. Heathera has a very healthy relationship with her mother, even though she feels that Alessa is overprotective at most times. With the rest of the Woodcarvers, Heathera is closest to Vitali Zankovich, who taught her the abilities of a Magician and is now apprenticing her. Heathera's own father issues might cause some desires for Vitali.

With the Children of the Woodcarvers, Heathera had the blossoming of a relationship with Mikael Zankovich, however Heathera's feelings soon waned in favor for his grandfather. Taylor Langstrom also had feelings for Heathera after drinking a Love Potion, causing him to hump her leg for affection, however Heathera did not return the feelings.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dwarf}]
  • [{Class / Magician}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Scavenger}]
  • [{Attribute / Flamboyant}]



  • [{Companion Ability / Regal Top Hat EX}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Weapon / Apprentice Wand}]
  • [{Armor / Colorful Dress}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Unbeknownst to Heathera, she once had a twin brother. Harold Stonemason, her father, stole away with her brother shortly after they were born. He planned to offer the newborn as a blood sacrifice to the Lord of Death in the hopes of becoming an Ageless one.

Her mother, Alessa, learned what Harold was planning, but arrived too late to stop him. Harold had become a raving, mindless monster, and nothing of his former self remained. Alessa swiftly ended his existence.

Near the scattered ashes of their sacrificed son, Alessa found a peculiar amulet. It was a gnarled, ugly mess of animal bones. Overcome with anger and despair at her loss, she became consumed with a desire for vengeance.

Over the years since these events, Alessa has become more distrustful and unstable. The only thing that has kept her anchored is her daughter, Heathera. Due to Alessa's tendency to suddenly disappear, and a generally distant demeanor, Heathera was forced to mostly raise herself. Because of this, she grew into a hard worker who keeps things from falling apart at home.


Heathera joined Gwyneth Sunsword on her quest to defeat Golestandt. During this time she also became Vitali's apprentice to learn how to be a Magician.

The Grand Paladin Order[edit]


Heathera is resurrected by Galen Sunsword and survives the remainder of the Venomburner encounter. However, due to Tania's vicious betrayal and brutality, she develops a serious hatred for Kobolds.


  • Heathera Stonemason is based on Heather Mason from the Silent Hill franchise. This was even further enforced when she was granted the Doomed Attribute.
  • Heathera is the first character to die, then resurrect without becoming an Ageless, without the need for an Event, through Galen's Greater Lay on Hands.