Heatherfol Threecircle

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Heatherfol Threecircle
Capable of SpeechYes
Campaigns The Many Gobos of Pat

Heatherfol Threecircle is as a Medusa disguised as Pattenborrow Threecircle's daughter. She took on the name Heatherfol Threecircle in order to steal Pattenborrow's Necklace so that she could become even more powerful.



When in this form Heatherfol is a young, attractive elf woman.


She is known for her cockiness, and frequently trash talks and puts down others. She is also a capable fighter and very intelligent.


Heatherfol, being a medusa, doesn't have many relationships. She views those she mind controls as subordinates at best, and at worst mere puppets.

During The Many Gobos of Pat she sees goblins as beneath her and frequently puts them down. She frequently underestimates their ability to work as a team, and eventually it becomes her undoing.

Notable Attributes[edit]

Powers & Abilities[edit]

Medusa Form Passives[edit]

  • Mind Control

Medusa can permanently bend the mind of any being that is not resistant to mind control to her will. There appears to be no limit to the number of beings she can control at any one time. Goblins are immune due to their telepathic powers and Elves are immune due to their affinity with magic.

  • Disguise

Medusa can flawlessly change her appearance and size without having to change her voice. This is a much more powerful version of the Bard class's Disguise ability.

  • Spit

Medusa tries this attack several times in The Many Gobos of Pat, but every time she misses. This attack does nothing. It is literally her just spitting on her foes.

  • Slash

Medusa only used this attack once in The Many Gobos of Pat and she missed that time. It is believed that this is simply a basic melee attack.

Paladin Abilities[edit]






Medusa took control of the paladin order and began to kill all of those where were immune to her Mind Control. Pattenborrow realizes this and flees with his necklace, thwarting her plan.

The Many Gobos of Pat[edit]

Medusa is first seen disguised as an elf in a cell of the Paladin Arena, where she trash talks the party. Later she tells them that her name is Heatherfol Threeciricle in the third challenge. She attempts to trick the goblins into using Pat's necklace to kill the head paladin Willis. She tries convince the party that the only way this can be carried out is if she uses the necklace herself, but Desnuttes refuses. Heatherfol holds back on the goblins, but Willis forces combat by sending out junkie elves that start attacking her. Meanwhile, Desnuttes rides up a Force Pillar and throws Willis into the arena. The remaining dwarves jump down to fight and Willis calls upon dozens of paladin reinforcements. After feeling some strange touches, Desnuttes hears the voice of Pat, telling him to destroy the necklace. Right before Desnuttes is about to throw it on the ground, the voice tells him to crush it in his hand instead.

Desnuttes does, and Pat gains the ability to act through Desnuttes' body. Pat also communicates to the goblins that Heatherfol is not his real daughter. The impostor immediately reverts to her true form of Medusa. She had been mind-controlling the dwarves the entire time, and pretended to be Pat's daughter in the hopes of getting Pat's powerful necklace. The goblins were incapable of being controlled themselves. Medusa also mind-controls Don and brings him to her side permanently. The goblins alone now fight Don, Medusa, the still-obedient dwarves and paladins who heal Medusa, though they focus on damaging Medusa.


Medusa is killed by Terrence using Golden Shot at the conclusion of the The Many Gobos of Pat campaign.


  • Whilst Medusa is in the form of Heatherfol Threecircle she has 30 less stamina at a base of 50.
  • Although Medusa's stamina is never explicitly mentioned it can be deduced that she has 80 stamina from various hints including Rob saying that she has 75% stamina when it can be calculated that she has taken 20 damage.