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Clockodile BOT.png
Race Clockodile
Hostile Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Capable of Speech Can only tick tock
First Appearance The Cobblers

Humoruss is a giant Clockodile encountered in The Cobblers campaign.


A giant Clockodile by the name of Humoruss is one of many big bad Crunchodiles to be transformed by Gnomish Engineer Manifusion. Unlike most clockodiles Humoruss' face-clock is broken and no longer ticks which caused him to become a lot more aggressive towards any who come near his home or his raid of Clockodiles

Humoruss lived in the blood river from the goblin caves. When the The Cobbler Family tried to cross the river and attacked his raid of clockodiles, he attacked them by jumping out of the water and immediately called out for more Clockodiles to aid him, and many swum out of the river to his side. He bit down on some of the party, before being trapped in a Pyroblast beam created by Beautressa's Amplifying Crystal, which destroyed his beak. Borris Cobbler finished Humoruss off, before he could retreat, with a Dreambolt, which caused Humoruss to melt, crying as he died.


He appears to be very similar to an average clockodile but he is much larger and his defining feature is that his face-clock is broken.


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  • Humoruss appearance was all because of a Supporter Event
  • Humoruss attempted diplomacy but as his snout had been blown off he could not say anything before being killed