Jean Tarcial'Embeart

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Jean Tarcial'Embeart
Jean Tarcial'Embeart SOD Puppet.png
RaceAgeless Elf
Campaigns The Senate of Deadlantis
SeasonsSeason Three

Jean Tarcial'Embeart is an Ageless Elf Magician played by Coestar during The Senate of Deadlantis. Jean, a member of the Tarcial'Embeart family, is one of the few who survived the initial fallout of the Birth of Magic at Thandrafall, having survived by being forced into becoming an Ageless after falling off of a ship that was meant to bring him to safety. His current whereabouts are unknown.



Jean Tarcial'Embeart is a young male Elf with a very thin figure. Jean has unkempt dark hair, freckles along his face, and sunken green eyes. Due to his age, Jean has a small, round face, that over-exaggerates his long neck, pronounced Adam's Apple and large ears. During his cousin's Ascension, he wore a white button-up shirt with a pink tie, purple dress pants and suit jacket.

After being forced to become an Ageless after the Birth of Magic, Jean's true form became that of a living skeleton. Jean can create a false skin using Ageless magic that resembles his young self.


Jean is described as a troubled child by both his father and his Uncle Daedric. Jean's attitude seems to come from his family's lack of enthusiasm in Jean's love for magic, causing Jean to practice dangerous spells with chaotic results. One notable instance of this was when Jean accidentally blew up the kitchen after practicing the fire spell Pyroblast on the stove. While Daedric continued to berate this action long after it was finished, Nader, whom Jean sees as the "Cool Uncle," encourages his magic experimentation, leading to a closer bond between the two.

However, Jean does care for his parents, as when they are gunned down in an ally while they escaped Thandrafall, he cried out in horror and released a massive Eruption that caused damage to the already structurally weak city around him.

Jean's age and love for magic also allows him to easily be persuaded, as seen when his mother wanted to avoid having to describe the act of sexual love to him, she simply taught him the spell Eruption and told him that they will tell him when he is older.


While they have their differences, Jean's relationship with his family is, at its core, very loving. While his father, mother and uncle don't understand his infatuation with Magic and experimenting with it, they care for young Jean's well-being. When his father and mother die during the events of the Birth of Magic, Jean is mentally broken, causing overwhelming sadness and rage to be channeled through his magic. It is unknown how he coped with his loss, as soon after being turned into an Ageless, he went missing.

Jean seems to have very little interaction with the party-goers at the Ascension Party, even with his own cousin, Louis Tarcial'Embeart. Only when his "cool uncle" Nader Leomaris arrives does he begin to enjoy the festivities. As Nader is very supportive of Jean's magical preferences, he is among many to look up to him. Jean is even further enticed by the arrival of the Dragon Aspect Golestandt, whom he is awestruck by.

Character Inventory[edit]

List of cards that the character has in their inventory.

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Elf}]
  • [{Class / Magician}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Jester}]
  • [{Attribute / Greedy}]: Later turned into [{Attribute / Doomed}]


  • [{Passive / Mirror Image}]
  • [{Supplies / Bag of Juicy Beetles}]
  • [{Supplies / Enchantments}]
  • [{Shield / Ninja Twins}]: Trained with Zanaria Vinisto
  • [{Supplies / Prodigy}]


  • [{Magician / Card Trick}]
  • [{Magician / Encore}]
  • [{Magician / Round of Applause}]
  • [{Magician / Swipe Clothing}]
  • [{Cabalist / Life Drain}]
  • [{Fleshweaver / Red Spark Heal}]
  • [{Lumberjack / Eruption}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Dissolve Magic EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Voidspell EX}]

Former Abilities[edit]

Any cards that are no longer associated with the character for whatever reason.


  • [{Weapon / Lotus Broomstaff}]
  • [{Weapon / Heartbark Crossbow}]
  • [{Shield / Health Potion Glass Shield}]
  • [{Armor / Ytt Transversing Leather}]
  • [{Magician / Regal Top Hat}]
  • [{Treasure / Book of Cursed Spells}]
  • [{Treasure / Headhunter Axe}]: formerly used by Rohbear Leomaris and is engraved by him.

Former Belongings[edit]

Any cards that have been lost for whatever reason.



Jean Tarcial'Embeart is the son to Pier Tarcial'Embeart and a young member of the head Elven Family from before the Birth of Magic. Jean was a child who would often experiment with learning new magic whenever he could, often causing disruptions to the life of his family and being considered ill-behaved.

Jean, along with his parents, attended the Coming of Age Accession of his cousin, Louis Tarcial'Embeart, but this was the same day as the Birth of Magic...

The Senate of Deadlantis[edit]


Jean Tarcial'Embeart survives the Behemoth attacking their emergency ship to safety, but is plunged into the water. There, a Mermaid swims up and sucks Jean's soul out of his body, causing him to become an Ageless. His current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Jean's parents' death, being gunned down in an alley, is incredibly similar to the origin story of Batman of DC Comics. Also, Jean's father and Uncle Daedric have a resemblance to Commissioner Jim Gordon.
  • If Jean was to get his legendary during the campaign, he would have gotten the passive "Diplomatic Superiority," allowing him to have his vote be worth two in the fourth act of the campaign, or allowing him to still have a vote even if he died.