Jeanie Jaredson

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Jeanie Jaredson
Jeanie Jaredson FOD Puppet.png
AliasJJ, JJJ

Jeanie Jaredson, also known as JJ. and JJJ, is a Dvergr Monk played by Deadbones in The Fall of Dundinborough. She was a guard of the Royal Family of Dundinborough, but perished when Bopen revealed himself to the guards. Her body was carried away by Bearo during the retreat.



Jeanie is a female Dvergr with messy hair and soot covering her face and body. She is notably always on fire, or emitting flames, due to her obsession.



Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dvergr}]
  • [{Class / Monk}]
  • [{Attribute / Gullible}]
  • [{Attribute / Pyromaniac}]


  • [{Passive / Wiggly Wrench}]


  • [{Monk / Force Pillar}]
  • [{Monk / Serenity}]
  • [{Monk / Wind Walk}]
  • Puppeteer / Spirit Vessel
  • [{Wizard / Pyroblast}] (Non-limited)

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Shield / Health Potion Glass Shield}]
  • [{Treasure / Flashback Scroll}]
  • [{Weapon / Enchanted Paper Sword}]
  • [{Weapon / Keen Stone Blade}]
  • [{Weapon / Titanium Greatsword}]
  • Thorny Choker

Former Belongings[edit]

  • [{Spell Scroll / Augment}]
  • [{Spell Scroll / Call Mjollnir}]
  • Spell Scroll / Shadow Darts
  • Get Out of Free Jail Card



Jeanie Jaredson was born with an affinity for Fire magic, often burning things around her with her untrained talent. After the third time she burnt down her home, her parents sent her away to live with a group of monks, where they taught her how to control her fire to use in fighting. Eventually, she went top side and arrived in the city of Dundinborough, where she began her career as a guard. Due to her natural gullibleness, she was superb at taking orders, allowing her to rise through the ranks and become a Royal Guard.

The Fall of Dundinborough[edit]


While trying to Augment the Dwarven Archers shots, Bopen sends them back at Jeanie's head immediately killing her. Her corpse was saved away by Bearo.


  • Deadbones made an ironic joke after the death of JJ saying: "I ask that I don't be cremated"
  • JJ is the second character that Deadbones has played that died right at the end due to an unnecessary roll that resulted in a one. The first being Morgana Marie.
  • Jeanie was the original character to be featured on the Flamedanseur's cards in Season 3, despite canonically being a Monk.