Jo Krysstal

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Jo Krysstal
ClassBooty Raider
  • Cousin: Kinney Boots
  • Unknown Relation: Jack Krysstal
  • StatusDeceased
    AliasOl' Jo
    ActorJustin, Rob
    Campaigns The Jewel of the Dingo Isles, The New Crew, Den of Devils, The Sandbolds
    SeasonsSeason One Season Two Season Three

    Jo Krysstal was a Kobold Booty Raider and a crew member on the Bocoe during The Jewel of the Dingo Isles and The New Crew, portrayed by Justin. A Believer who took the form of Jo Krysstal appeared as an NPC portrayed by Rob in Den of Devils, and several of these Believers appeared in The Sandbolds. He was in charge of the port side cannons on the Bocoe.



    Jo Krysstal was a male Kobold with a neutral frame, brown rock fur, and green eyes. Jo wore very little, only wearing a pair of black pants that end just after his knees and held up by a green rope, a green bandana with a pink comb, beige bandages wrapped around his forearms and ankles, and a backpack to hold his Dragonskin Bow and various treasures.


    He was extremely driven by treasure and was very greedy. He also shows no affection for Pot Puppies. He is incredibly lucky, finding random treasure in the most unlikely places.


    Kinney Boots[edit]

    Jo and Kinney Boots are cousins, and Jo is partially responsible for her presence among the crew. Being the only two Kobolds aboard the BoCoe, the two became friends out of necessity. Despite these things, they are not close.

    Captain Merci[edit]

    Jo is loyal to his captain despite Merci's strong dislike of Kobolds, and Jo being a hesitant member of a mutiny.


    Jo, does not like fish yogurt in the slightest. This does not stop Octivias from occasionally force feeding him the dish. Because of this the two remain distant.


    Jo is reluctantly recruited by Maelstrom to join his mutiny when his life is threatened. He however does not tell anyone about this. He is left behind by the crew and is strangled by Maelstrom for his choirs of "Fuck the Kobolds."

    Character Inventory[edit]

    Powers & Abilities Belongings


    • [{Race / Kobold}]
    • [{Class / Booty Raider}]
    • [{Cornerstone / Sellsword}]
    • [{Attribute / Greedy}]



    • [{Booty Raider / Coin of Providence}]
    • [{Booty Raider / Golden Shot}]
    • [{Booty Raider / Plunder the Booty}]

    Former Abilities[edit]


    • [{Booty Raider / Golden Cutlass}]
    • [{Legendary / Shard of Perversion}] (3)
    • [{Treasure / Electronet Pistol}]
    • [{Treasure / Golden Gun}]
    • [{Treasure / Grappling Hook}]
    • [{Treasure / Ring of Fire}]
    • [{Weapon / Dragonskin Bow}]

    Former Belongings[edit]

    • [{Consumable / Crystal Catalyst}]
    • [{Consumable / Winechestors Finest}]
    • Coral Comb
    • Elaphelk Horn Blade
    • Flintlock Pistol
    • [{Passive / Heartwall Locket}]
    • [{Passive / Wiggly Wrench}]
    • [{Puppeteer / Soul Puppet}] (Item)
    • Spellwall Armor
    • [{Treasure / Frog Stick Totem}]
    • [{Treasure / Knife Slinger}]
    • [{Treasure / Nobleborn Knife}]
    • [{Treasure / Wellforn Ruby}]
    • [{Weapon / Cutlass}]
    • [{Weapon / Dulled Vorpal Slayer}]
    • [{Weapon / Heartbark Crossbow}] (2)
    • [{Weapon / Raskum Claws}]
    • [{Weapon / Shadowshade}]



    In his early pirating days he had his bandana, which makes it very sentimentally valuable to him. It is unknown at what point Krysstal joined the crew of the Bocoe, but he chose to follow Captain Merci for the sole reason of seeking out treasure. He also referenced his cousin, Kinney Boots, to be another crew member for the journey to the Dingo Isles.

    The Jewel of the Dingo Isles[edit]

    Jo's career as a pirate started off with him joining the Crew of the Bocoe. Even though it was composed of mostly Porcs, he still joined due to him not caring which crew of pirates he journeyed with as long he was getting treasure. One of the ship's voyages was to the Dingo Isles. During the journey there, Octivias made Jo taste fish soup, which he did not like. Later in the voyage, a group of harpies attacked the ship and tried and get some of [[Octivias|Octivias'] fish yogurt. Jo along with the rest of the crew attempted to fight them, and while they are fighting the harpies, an Eaglebear lands. Jo and McCoy work on killing the harpies above deck, and they eventually succeed. The Eaglebear, after fighting Jo, tries to fly away, but is too wounded and passes out in the water. After this, Jo, Captain Merci, and Kinney Boots defeat the harpies below deck. Later that night, Jo and the rest of the crew believe that the ship is being haunted by ghosts after hearing noises. Jo later learns that these noises are the sound of Colin the Behemoth, who is submerged in the water is is not visible. The Behemoth then surrounds the ship with its tentacles, while Jo and Kinney start to load the cannons. Jo,and with the rest of the crew atfack the tentacles. Suddenly, Jakelad reveals that he is a member of the Cult of Bones, and tries to sacrifice himself and the rest of the crew to the Behemoth. After Kinney defeats Jakelad, Jo defeats the Behemoth by blowing off all but one of its tentacles. The Behemoth then retreats back into the water. Soon after the encounter with the Behemoth, the Bocoe lands on The Dingo Isles. Once everyone walks off the ship, Jo finds a temple that contains in the jewel at the center of the island. The crew acknowledges a few statues and skeletons, which seem to be completely dormant. The crew then enters the temple, finding a few treasure chests near the entrance. Suddenly, two statues trap them in the temple, and Jo and McCoy try to sneak past the statues, but they fail. After walking for a bit, Jo uses his Grappling Hook to grapple into a room with grates masking the floor, and a heavy steel door on the side. Once everyone has entered, fire is shot from the grates, which creates a ring of flames around the whole room, blocking the entrance. Jo apparitions start concentrating their attacks on the door, when suddenly three pot puppies fall from the ceiling. Jo, not caring much for pot puppies, fights the skeletons and tries to escape the fire. Jo finds Kinney's Winechestors Finest, and uses Golden Shot on it, destroying it. Jo then defeats the skeletons, and follows the crew through the door when they break through it. A giant skeleton is standing guard of the jewel, while McCoy states that only those pure of heart are able to hold the jewel. After McCoy takes the jewel, the skeleton exits into a chamber that is completely golden. Jo is mesmerized, and the crew is concerned for his well-being. Jo is then shown the jewel, which wakes him up from his greedy trance. Jo then goes back to the Bocoe, amazed by the jewel.

    The New Crew[edit]

    Jo continues the campaign with the Bocoe, eventually making his way to the island of Laeyuleaugh. He assists in the combat on the beach and is left to scavenge the ransacked village with Patches. Patches however, clearly infuriated by the group singing the classic pirate tune "Fuck the Kobolds" strangles Jo to death, stabbing him several times before revealing his eye and singing one more round of "Fuck the Kobolds" as Jo's life slips away. He is presumed dead.

    Den of Devils[edit]

    A Believer of Jo joins Nisovin's group of explorers to hunt for Dragon Eggs in the Den of Devils. He helps defeat the first Whelpling, but as the rest of the group fight Flame Spookies, he runs off, seeing a river of molten gold further ahead. However, the large Flame Spooky summons many fire elementals around Jo, which beat him to death. All that remains is a burnt copy of Jo's diary, which releases a Believer spirit.

    The Sandbolds[edit]

    While the Sandbolds are investigating a time anomaly in the town of Karazzim, several Believers of Jo begin moving and assault the party, one of which stabs an immobile Jack Krysstal in the heart. The Believers are quickly defeated by McCarrot Smith.


    Jo survived the initial Jewel of the Dingo Isles campaign, but was strangled by Patches the Kobold to what we presume death in The New Crew. Patches was infuriated by the crew of the Bocoe singing "Fuck the Kobolds", which he saw as a slight at his lack of an eye.

    The Believer version of Jo Krysstal was killed by a Fire Spooky in Den of Devils, and several more Believer versions of Jo were killed by McCarrot Smith in The Sandbolds


    • His name is a reference to an infamous craigslist post about a "JO Crystal" or "Jack Off" Crystal. The man in the post apparently wore the crystal every time he masturbated and claimed that the crystal glowed while performing the act. He also claimed that wearing the crystal gave him confidence in "work, home, and social situations".
    • Jo Krysstal is one of the only characters marked by a curse, this being the Eyes of N'locnil.
    • Jo Krysstal was the original character to be featured on the Booty Raider's cards in Season 2 and 3.