Jormr's Stepson

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Jormr's Stepson
AffiliationThe Woodcarvers
AliasMy boy, Child of Porc
SeasonsSeason Two

Jormr's Stepson is a Dwarf played by Rob and first appeared in Woodcarvers. He is the son of Sheila and the stepson of Jormr.



Jormr's Stepson is a young male Dwarf with light skin, red eyes, a large, fluffy black beard and notable chest hair. He wears a red knit cap over his head, a grey, button up collar shirt that has the sleeves rolled up and tucked into his large brown belt with golden buckle. His heavily torn blue jeans are held up by a pair of dark grey suspenders and tucked into his maroon boots with black trim. He is often seen hold a large bag of hold that he has collected from his stepfather and a red, flannel handkerchief out of his rear pocket.


Jormr's Stepson embodies a personality that of a stereotypical teenager, being aloof and disrepectful towards his step father Jormr. His greediness is often shown as he collects as much gold as he can from his stepfather along with any treasures left behind by the group.


Jormr's Stepson is a very disrespectul and stubborn child. He often only speaks with Jormr when he wants gold or to belittle him, never referring to his as his father nor showing him any respect. His actions often cause the other parents to regard him as the troublemaker of the town, and sub-sequentially blame Jormr for his actions.

With the other children of the Woodcarvers, Jormr's Stepson seems to be closest to Taylor Langstrom. The two often cite their different uses or intentions of alchohol or drugs.

Powers & Abilities[edit]





  • 7000 gold



Jormr's Stepson is the son of Sheila and was born sometime after her marriage with Jormr. This lead to the confusion by Jormr, who as a Porc cannot father children, but quickly accepted that he was his. However, this was not widely accepted by the village, and nor by Jormr's Stepson.

Jormr never gave him a proper name, forcing him to be known as "Child of Porc" and so on. This, coupled by his undisciplined nature, caused Jormr's Stepson to be very hostile to most adult figures, save for his mother, and to lash out by drinking alcohol and doing EXP.



After being left on the bank of the lake, Jormr's stepson is whispered to by The Whisper Snake of Waldon Lake, and subsequently eaten.


  • Jormr's stepson is the first character in Season 2 to die.
  • Jormr's stepson was never given an official name as Jormr simply referred to him as "his boy".