June 20th Lore Building Stream

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This article is about content yet to appear in a campaign. The information in this article should be considered non-canon and behind the scenes.

The June 20th Lore Building Stream was a special non-canon behind the scene stream that took the original air date of The Many Gobos of Pat stream.


Due to unspecified complications The Many Gobos of Pat stream had to be moved from its original air date of June 20 to June 27. In its place the Buffalo Wizards streamed a a behind the scenes Lore Building session where they discussed content the may appear in future campaigns.


The following content was discussed on the June 20th stream.


Avalonian Elves[edit]

Avalonian Elves was a potential sub race proposed by Rob to Roamin. While Roamin suggested they would be more magic focused, Rob considered the possible in-joke of them being the most targeted race. However, Rob believed this role to be full taken by Goblins and the idea was shelved quickly.


The Bennu, also known Sky Egyptians or Skygyptians, are a race of avian creatures conceptual added by Deadbones. The Bennu would be an ancient civilization with bird-like features, existing high in the sky in floating Pyramids. Rob prefers to discard the Pyramid theme all together.

A concept of a grounded Pyramid appears in the Photoshop file of Coestar's World Map.


The Skogres are a potential race, or sub race, created by Justin. The name was created by combining "Sky" and "Ogres," after discussing the Bennu. Rob suggested that the name could also be used for underwater or swamp creatures. Roamin suggested that the Skogres common utilized chewing tobacco (possibly a reference to the Skoal brand) while Justin suggested they had talking donkeys (a reference to the movie franchise Shrek). Both ideas were shot down by Rob. Justin further elaborated that the Skogars could have facial similarities to snapping turtles, with powerful jaws.

Two-Headed Ogres[edit]

The Two-Headed Ogre is a potential race that the Buffalo Wizards conceptualized. During the June 20th URL Lore Building stream, Rob expressed interest in having Ogres to be a large race that was magic immune.


The Minotaur is a potential race that the Buffalo Wizards conceptualized.

Humanoid Bees[edit]

The Humanoid Bee is a planned currently unnamed race of all male humanoid bees except for the Queen, which is as large as a city and functions as their base of operations. One sub race referred to as the Beeonides have detachable stingers that regenerate extremely fast which they throw as a weapon. another unnamed sub race have retractable stingers on their hands that they use as weapons which are irreplaceable. The humanoid bees also have wings which cannot be used for flight but instead they are used to cocoon themselves as a form of a full body shield. The whole idea of a bee race was thought up by Deadbones when rob was showing off the idea of hexagonal tiles for table top simulator. Although Deadbones only meant this as a joke rob actually really enjoyed the idea of a humanoid bee race.

Unnamed Book like people[edit]

The end of the stream focused on the concept for a race of beings that would find Books and other written works and become a personification of a character from the book. The race would not be self aware and would not know they were originally books. Once alive they would act like normal people, but with the goal of their character in the book be their main goal in life. Upon defeat this race would disappear leaving only the original book behind. The ideas was that the party would come to an abandoned library that had been effected by this race and turned into a makeshift city for its residents. The race could also possibly exist in other places and it might be possible that on another adventure after defeating an enemy it would revert back to a book surprising the party. While no name was suggested or agreed upon by the players, the most common suggestion from chat for their name was "The Written".



The Bartender was a potential class proposed by Roamin. Roamin suggested that they would throw various drinks allowing them to have different effects. Rob preferred the class to already have pre-made drinks, as opposed to creating them in the midst of combat. Justin enjoyed the idea of a Dwarf with a large keg on his back as a visual aide for the class. Deadbones agreed with the idea of having the Bartender as an Alchemist like class, but everyone agreed that it would be difficult to do.

Justin suggested that the class could be more like a warrior, similar to Gragas of League of Legends, in that the class would utilize a large keg as a weapon.


The Illusionist is a potential class proposed by Justin. The class would have the ability to create mirror images of themselves as a way to avoid combat.

Puppet Master[edit]

The Puppet Master is a potential class proposed by Rob.The Puppet Master would utilize Pet abilities centered around puppets. The Puppet Master would start with three puppets, each with their own class abilities. The puppets would be brought to life via the souls of people.


Giant Weapons[edit]

Giant Weapons is a proposed weapon type that can only be used by large characters and/or enemies. Idealing, these weapons would go unused unless the player character is Enlarged or the enemy is enlarged/larger than normal.

Ten-Thousand Gallon Hat[edit]

The Ten-Thousand Gallon Hat is a proposed prop inspired by the crashed Pyramid on the World Map and the location of "Texis."


Abandoned Library[edit]

The idea was discussed about a giant library that had been abandoned but was infested by sentient books. This concept lead to the creation of the Unnamed Book like people.