Kallark Gandolin

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Kallark Gandolin
  • Funk: Carlos
  • Captain and Girlfriend: Gwyneth Sunsword
    • Unnamed unborn child (deceased)
  • Adopted children: Unter, Trusty Neconni
  • StatusAlive
    ActorDeadbones, Rob
    Campaigns The Sunswords, The Silvermine Mountains, Woodcarvers, The Grand Paladin Order
    SeasonsSeason One Season Two Season Three

    General Kallark Gandolin is a kind Dwelf Suncleric who is played by Deadbones and appears in The Sunswords, The Silvermine Mountains, Woodcarvers, and The Grand Paladin Order.



    Kallark is a male Dwelf with a muscular physique, pale skin, red eyes, long flowing black hair that ends at the middle of his back, and a black beard that ends at his chest and is tied in a purple tie. He wears grey scale armor with gold accents, purple wristbands, a thin gold belt with a deep purple buckle, a light purple skirt, purple pants and deep violet boots that start at his knees.


    Kallark is incredibly self absorbed and often boasts that he is "the best of both worlds" (referring to the mixture of elven and dwarven blood in him), specifically complimenting his own beard and muscles. He is prone to showing off, which caused him to be unable to stop himself from telling his comrades that Gwyneth was pregnant with his baby. Despite the apparently tense situation of serving with Gwyneth's ex-boyfriends as well as wanna-be-boyfriends, Kallark generally has a friendly attitude towards the other elves in the group.

    Kallark suffers hallucinations that begin to happen randomly and without warning after he is sprayed by a Funk. He hallucinates the Funk and engages in conversation with it, leading others to question his sanity, as he apparently stands talking to himself.

    Kallark has a caring, loving side to him. Despite being immature about their relationship and unable to keep her secret, he truly loves Gwyneth, which causes a violent reaction when she is stabbed. He also respects her as a leader and a person, and acknowledges his breaches of her privacy. He also shows considerable attachment to their baby, requesting that he could see their child even after Gwyneth breaks up with him.

    Kallark saves two Kobold children and, while originally coldly suggesting they be sent to the Silvermine Mountains with the other prisoners, he warms up to them and eventually chooses to adopt them. At the end of the journey to the Silvermine Mountains, Kallark displays strong paternal feelings and is distraught at the loss of his unborn child, as well as at the choice of the Kobold children to remain with other Kobolds. His care for the children causes him to decide that, given his hallucinations, he would not be the best father. He later returns to the Silvermine Mountains when he finds out that Unter and Gunter had been put in cells there due to them not having family to live with. Gwyneth doesn't want Kallark adopting these children due to him going insane due to the Funk he keeps seeing. He is later able to save Unter, Trusty Neconni and Gwyneth from the collapsing mountains, barely making it out alive.

    Battle Style[edit]

    Kallark starts combat with Enlarge. In The Sunswords, he used his turns to cast Aurora Borealis to spam the battlefield with suntiles. He is more of a support character, as he has a lot of healing abilities and Bolster Spirits.


    Gwyneth Sunsword[edit]

    Kallark is Gwyneth's boyfriend for the majority of the journey to the Silvermine Mountains in The Sunswords. They have issues over the course of their path and separate at the end of it, with Kallark walking away, and Gwyneth apparently suggesting dating Xavius Barringster again.

    The two have a difficult relationship. Kallark is self-obsessed and often fails to acknowledge Gwyneth's needs and wishes. However, over the course of the journey to the Silvermine Mountains, he grows more caring and compassionate and is heartbroken when Gwyneth is stabbed, threatening to kill her attacker.

    During The Silvermine Mountains, Kallark returns to the Silvermine Mountains to try to adopt Unter and Gunter. He is told by Gwyneth that due to him going insane due to Carlos spraying him, he wouldn't be allowed to adopt them. Later, when The Ageless One was awakened, he tried to save Unter and Trusty Neconni from the collapsing mountain, putting Unter in a corner to run back and save the physically and emotionally damaged Gwyneth, and was able to save her, an unnamed Suncleric, the two children, and himself from the mountain.

    Xavius Barringster[edit]

    Due to Xavius' prior relationship with Gwyneth the two don't get along. They often make snide comments as jabs at each other and seem to compete with each other.

    However, Kallark seems to be more passive in this competition and it is Xavius who makes moves towards Gwyneth and who learns the Spell of Bearding in order to win her from Kallark.


    Although Bob had also previously dated Gwyneth, Kallark and Bob get along fairly well.


    Dave and Kallark work together.


    Carlos is a Funk and Kallarks spirit animal. Carlos talks to him occasionally during the Sunswords campaign making the others think that he is crazy. Their first encounter was Carlos spraying Kallark.

    Unter and Gunter[edit]

    Unter and Gunter are two Kobold children saved by Kallark from a burning barn during The Sunswords. Initially Kallark wanted to send the two to the Silvermine Mountains, but over time he warmed up to them, wanting to adopt them, with them even calling him 'daddy'. Unfortunately, the two stayed with the prisoner Rebooc, and Kallark, aware that he was in no state of mind to care for the children, let them go.

    In The Silvermine Mountains, Kallark attempted to save the two. He devised a plan to get them out by releasing the prisoners, and then ran out of the mountain. He was able to save Unter, but Gunter's fate is currently unknown.

    Trusty Neconni[edit]

    Believing Trusty to be a Dwelf child, Kallark saves him along with Unter whilst escaping the Silvermine Mountains.

    Character Inventory[edit]

    Powers & Abilities Belongings


    • [{Race / Dwelf}]
    • [{Class / Suncleric}]
    • [{Cornerstone / Deputy}]
    • [{Attribute / Heart of Gold}]


    • [{Supplies / Diplomat}]
    • [{Supplies / Righteous}]
    • [{Supplies / Spider Eater}]


    • [{Bard / Bolster Spirits}]
    • [{Sorcerer / Enlarge}]
    • [{Suncleric / Aurora Borealis}]
    • [{Suncleric / Speed of Light}]
    • [{Suncleric / Sunstrike}]

    Former Abilities[edit]

    • Consecration
    • [{Sorcerer / Ray of Frost}]
    • Sunwall Armor


    • [{Armor / Bold Scalemail}]
    • [{Suncleric / Sunblade}]
    • [{Treasure / The Magicians Stone}]

    Former Belongings[edit]

    • Tambok Ticket
    • [{Weapon / Scimitar}]



    Funk TSS.png
    Capable of SpeechYes
    SeasonsSeason One

    Carlos is a male Funk who sprayed Kallark in The Sunswords, and appears as a hallucination to offer Kallark usually bad advice that only he can hear.


    See Carlos

    Annihilus the Living Death That Walks[edit]

    Annihilus the Living Death That Walks
    Pot Puppy JDI.png
    RacePot Puppy
    Capable of SpeechNo
    SeasonsSeason One

    Annihilus the Living Death That Walks is a male Pot Puppy, who was rescued by Kallark in The Sunswords, from a burning barn.


    See Annihilus the Living Death That Walks



    During The Sunswords, Kallark is the second-in-command of Gwyneth Sunsword's squad, which is entrusted with escorting a prison caravan to the Silvermine Mountains. He also happens to be Gwyneth's love interest at the time. Also, it is something to note that Kallark's father is a Bard.

    The Sunswords[edit]

    In order to traverse a hazardous canyon inhabited by Ytts as fast as possible, Kallark made use of his Enlarge spell to carry the carriage himself. By successfully clearing the canyon, Kallark's resourcefulness earned the praise of Gwyneth. At the same time, Gwyneth confided that she was pregnant and that the child was Kallark's. Overcome with pride and joy, Kallark was eager to boast to the rest of the team. Gwyneth, however, warned Kallark that she did not want the others to know about her condition at this time.

    While setting up camp, Kallark and a few of his allies were approached by a pair of Goblin merchants. The Elves refused to bargain with the Goblins and elected to mug them instead. In the middle of this, Kallark was unexpectedly sprayed by a Funk, causing him to smell very nice. One goblin was killed in the process, and the other goblin, named Greeky, was captured and thrown into the carriage as an additional prisoner at Kallark's request. Not long after, Kallark was having a conversation with Xavius, Dave and Bob where Kallark mocked the two elves' inability to grow facial hair without the use of magic. However, Kallark accidentally slipped up and mentioned his future child. Gwyneth promptly found out about this and suspended their relationship.

    When the group came across a blazing barn, Kallark, Gwyneth, Xavius, Dave and Bob rushed into the inferno in response to the screams coming from inside. Kallark, however was delayed momentarily by the appearance of Carlos, a hallucination brought on by the Funk spray from earlier. Following Gwyneth's example, Kallark smashed his way through several walls to form a clear path through the building. He was then given the responsibility to escort the two Kobold children found by Gwyneth and Dave to safety while the rest of the party fought off the Flame Spooky. Kallark casted Enlarge on himself in order to carry the children out more effectively, but he was once again stalled by Carlos. At some point during this event, Kallark discovered a Pot Puppy in the barn that the others had missed. The puppy was adopted by Kallark and named Annihilus the Living Death That Walks. Before completely leaving the farm, Kallark also considered adopting the apparently orphaned young Kobolds in order to appeal to female Kobolds. Due to her unstable emotions, Gwyneth decided that she was no longer fit to lead the party, and so the position fell on to Kallark.

    The group then encountered a bridge being guarded by an Ogre. Gwyneth advised everyone to not provoke the Ogre as it could wreak havoc on the party. However, the Ogre only seemed to be interested in the Tambok Tickets carried by Kallark and Xavius. Both men refused to give up their tickets and a heated, emotional argument involving Gwyneth ensued. Seemingly out of nowhere, Kallark dropped the scuffle with Xavius and invited Xavius to meet him behind the carriage for a 'gift.' Under the influence of Dave's Leader's Heartoak Staff, Kallark removed his trousers and advanced on Xavius. Before anything more between the two could occur, Phineas blasted Kallark with a Fireball. Phineas then stabbed a flustered Kallark and claimed leadership for himself. This freed Kallark from Dave's special staff, leaving Kallark completely clueless. Before Kallark could figure out the situation, Xavius (in an attempt to pilfer Kallark's ticket) gets carried away and launched a Ray of Frost so powerful that it not only left Kallark in a block of ice, but it destroyed the ticket as well.

    The next thing Kallark knew, he was being thawed out in the back of the prison carriage that was near the end of its journey. Here, he was reunited with Gunter and Unter, and Kallark agreed to take them in temporarily. Next, Kallark was revisited by Carlos who proclaimed that the Kobold children were actually Ytts and mocked Kallark for adopting them. Kallark then conversed with Mormo who wanted to touch the young Kobolds' faces. Kallark offered his own face instead and contracted rabies from Mormo. Then Kallark learned from Goggles the secret of Kobolds repeating the word "kobold". Finally, Kallark was approached by Jakelad and was affected by Jakelad's Charm.

    While under the effects, Kallark had Jakelad released from the carriage, Jakelad then used his Lullaby to put Gwyneth (now leader again) and the rest of the squad to sleep. Unfortunately for Jakelad, the Lullaby did not completely work on Kallark and the effects of charm broke. Once again in control of himself, Kallark quickly awoke Gwyneth and the others from their slumber. Jakelad promptly fled the scene but not before summoning his Porc allies to dispose of Gwyneth's troop. As the battle ensued, Gwyneth and Kallark were tasked with forcing open the gate while the rest of the team (including the remaining prisoners) held off the attackers. Luckily, Kallark's allies were able to turn the tides against the Porc ambushers. At some point, Dave accidentally misfired a Fireball towards Kallark's beard where Annihilus was residing. Annihilus briefly converted into a Hellhound before expelling all of it's flames in an attack made against Kallark. However, while everyone else was still caught up in combat, Rufio, a mentally unstable Elf ally who had been obsessing over his love for Gwyneth for some time now, sneaked up on Gwyneth and stabbed her in the stomach, incapacitating Gwyneth and killing her unborn baby. The allies successfully repelled the Porcs and Kallark was able to revitalize Gwyneth, but upon learning the fate of his child, Kallark furiously threatened to kill Rufio. Gwyneth, however, knew that Rufio wasn't thinking clearly and decided that having him arrested along with the surviving Porc enemies would suffice as punishment. At the same time, Gwyneth allowed the previous prisoners who aided her team in combat to go free. Emotionally devastated, Kallark turned to the Kobold children and welcomed them into his life. Sadly, the young Kobolds had decided to follow one of the Kobold prisoners, Rebooc, instead. At that moment, Carlos returned to mock him, and Kallark felt that, given his hallucinations, the Kobold children were better off without him. This display of care for them seemed to break his heart. The whole chain of events in which he lost most of what he gained and loved: Gwyneth, his baby, his adoptive children, his Tambok Ticket, was just too much for Kallark to take as he just depressingly walked away from it all.

    The Silvermine Mountains[edit]

    Kallark returns to the Silvermine Mountains to adopt Unter and Gunter, after learning that they where imprisoned in the mountains due to not having a home. He argues with Xavius Barringster over letting the children out, who argues that it's against the rules. After getting enraged by this, Gwyneth overhears and intervenes, saying Kallark seems to not be mentally healthy. Later, Kallark confesses that since being sprayed by the Funk, he sees a Funk named Carlos who constantly tells him things and annoys him. Gwyneth tells Kallark that because of this, she does not feel comfortable giving the children to Kallark, and says she will call in Tom, a psychiatrist, to help him. Angered by this, he enlarges himself, crushing Gwyeneth's desk. She and DeNada have to restrain him, place him in a Magic-punishing collar and then throw him into the Elven Barracks.

    Carlos later devises a plan to take the children; by releasing the prisoners in the block Unter and Trusty Neconni are located in, causing the prisoners to riot, then escape with the children and tell Gwyneth that he is saving the children from the riot. To do this, he would need to become a guard. Carlos says he will not bother Kallark when talking to Gwyneth so she lets him re-earn her trust by becoming a guard. Kallark then asks Gwyneth to become a guard, and tells her that he no longer sees Carlos. Gwyneth tells him that if she finds him talking to Carlos, then she would imprison Kallark in the Silvermine Mountains.

    Kallark is able to go through with his plan, but in doing so, allows the prisoners that are a part of the Cult of Bones to awaken The Ageless One, causing the mountain to cave in. Kallark grabs both Unter and Trusty Neconni to escape with. He gets to the gate of the prison only to find it locked. He is able to throw Trusty over the gate to freedom while enlarged, letting him escape the mountain alive. He then notices that Gwyneth is hurt, and is unable to escape. He puts Unter down in a corner to rush in and save her. He is able to grab her, and get to the locked gate to the prison, only to find out she doesn't have the key either, and that she gave it to Xavius, who has been crushed by a boulder. Kallark begins slamming his body into the gate to try and break it open. He is, at first, able to create a hole just big enough for Gwyneth and Unter to escape, but not his enlarged self. He continues slamming himself against the gate until he finally breaks through, just before the gate is crushed by rocks. He grabs Gwyneth, Unter and Trusty Neconni, and runs off into a field at the base of the mountain, with another surviving Suncleric, only to watch The Ageless One fly off into the sky.


    The Grand Paladin Order[edit]


    Kallark was last seen riding a spider, while drunk, away from the battle field in The Grand Paladin Order, forcing Gwyneth Sunsword to chase after him.


    • In line with Deadbones' theme of naming his characters after comic book characters, Kallark is named after Marvel's character Gladiator. [1]
    • During The Silvermine Mountains, when Kallark is trying to get Gwyneth's attention so he can get a guard job, his puppet is shown to have three hands. This was probably only for comical affect. [2]
    • The last roll by Deadbones in The Silvermine Mountains was as Kallark, rolling a 20 to escape. This made the final roll of the first season a 20.
    • Kallark is the 28th person to hold the "Goblet of Mysteries".