Karolime Dundinborough

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Queen Karolime Dundinborough
AffiliationDundinborough Royal Family
AliasQueen Karolime Dundinborough
Campaigns The Fall of Dundinborough

"Those who fear death

will always be afraid. Because all things must live, and all things must fade."

—An export from Bopen's Story, as read by Karolime Dundinborough

Queen Karolime Dundinborough was a Dwarf Queen played by Rob in The Fall of Dundinborough campaign. She was the Queen of Dundinborough, and mother to Prince Phineas Dundinborough. She was last seen dead in the safe room in the halls of the Dundinborough Castle, giving up her rib cage to the Ageless Skeleton King.



Karolime Dundinborough is a female Dwarf of fair complexion, with light wrinkles. She has short hair that goes to her chin, and bangs that frame her face. She wears a circlet around her head with an oval jewel in the center of her forehead.


Not much is know about the personality of Karolime. What is seen of her, she appears to be very short with her royal guard, as she is seen berating them for standing around the Prince as she told him the bedtime story of the Skeleton King Bopen.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dwarf}]



Not much is known about Queen Karolime Dundinborough's past. At some point she married one of the Twelve Dwarven Kings, King Dundinborough, and gave birth to her son Prince Phineas Dundinborough.

The Fall of Dundinborough[edit]

Queen Dundinborough was seen walking into Prince Phineas' room after the Royal Guards have all attempted to put the young prince asleep with their stories. She orders the Royal Guards to stand aside as she reads the Prince the story of Bopen the Skeleton King, which quickly puts the boy to sleep. She orders the guards to quietly leave the room, however Dyson ends up waking up Phineas. She then reads the story again to put her son to sleep once the bumbling guards leave the room.

She was later seen watching the Tournament between the Dundinborough Royal Guards and Virgo Sunsword's personal men.

She was not seen again until the Ageless forces began invading the castle walls, where she was hiding with her husband in the Royal Bunker awaiting the Guards to escort her son to them. Once they reunited they believed they where safe...


Death of Karolime
When the Royal Guards, allied with the leader of the Lightbeard clan of Dwarves, opened the door to the Royal Bunker to evacuate the Royal Family, they opened up to see all three dead in the room. Moments later the bones of the corpses began to move, ripping out of their bodies. The rib cage and spinal cord of the Queen connected to her son's arms and her husband's head to form the Ageless King Bopen.

Her skull was kept some time with Bopen and later given to his personal chef, Luca.


  • The Queen's skull was later given to Luca by Bopen to help him make more tasteful meals.