King Dundinborough

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King Dundinborough
AffiliationDundinborough Royal Family

King Dundinborough is a Dwarf King played by Rob in The Cobblers and The Fall of Dundinborough campaigns. King Dundinborough was the ruler of the Kingdom of Dundinborough and a member of the Twelve Dwarven Clans that were created by Thor. King Dundinborough was killed in his royal bunker when an army of Ageless seized the castle of Dundinborough. Dundinborough's skull was the first skull seen in use by Bopen.



Dundinborough is a male dwarf with a thick beard that extends to the top of his chest, which he has a single band around it. He wears a heavily spiked crown and heavy armor.


Dundinborough appeared to be a very gruff man, appearing very stressed at the end of his days. Dundinborough was seen to dislike Elves, disagreeing with Virgo Sunsword about the Ironstone Accords, citing the inequality between the Dwarves and the Elves, and that Dwarves should be equal to the ancient race. This caused Dundinborough to be disapproving of his Royal Guard that the Sunswords lent him, James Briggs, along with Briggs' disability.

Dundinborough is seem to be frustrated with his son, Phineas Dundinborough, citing him to be a young adult and should stop acting like a child. Dundinborough did craft the Prince's golden sword from a supposed legendary blacksmith.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dwarf}]



Not much is known about the King's life before the final days of his kingdom.

The Cobblers[edit]

Borris Cobbler had a dream in which Dundinborough visited the 'Greatest Blacksmith of all time', to request that he crafts an enchanted golden sword for his son, who is to be named Prince Dundinborough Jr.

The Fall of Dundinborough[edit]


During the siege by the ageless, the king was found dead in the royal bunker with the rest of the Dundinborough royal family.