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Race Unknown
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Paladin
Gender Male
Affiliations George Clan
Relatives Adopted Children: Sir Spankey Themuncay, Richard Lored, Inky, Blinky, Cawks Stompulous, Thanks, Penwar Lockis
Alias New Dad
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance The Nuren Campaign

Kormac is a Paladin of unknown race from The Nuren Campaign.


Not much of Kormac's early life is known, but what is known is that Jonn-Dar murdered his father. This caused him to seek revenge later in life. Kormac also became a member of the George Clan and an associate of Mike Jackson, a meeting that would later lead him to Jackson's children. He soon came under the employment of Nisovin and enlisted the Dwarven Siblings in going to Bopen's Lair.

After several sibling squabbles, Kormac was dubbed "New Dad" by the Dwarves and led them to the lair. After entering the dungeon, he instructed the siblings to delve further, to be wary of the Poisonous Mushrooms and to answer the riddle of the Lion King. After that he slinked into the darkness to pursue his own agenda. He later finds his adopted children having not progressed at the pace he expected them to, disciplining them for having been distracted by the Mermaid and having killed the peaceful ogre Krungore, who had informed them about the cave systems to begin with.


Race and Class[edit]

Kormac is a Paladin who appeared to reside in Nisovin's town.


Kormac is a very vengeful person. He utilizes his connections with Nisovin and Mike Jackson to manipulate the dwarven siblings in order to seek revenge against Jonn-Dar. It is unknown if he was as vengeful before the incident.


  • It is hard to tell if Kormac is an Elf or a Tall-Dwarf.[1]
  • Kormac's name and backstory are a reference to the follower character Kormac from Diablo III.[2]