Kristy Cobbler

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Kristy Cobbler
Kristy Cobbler TC Puppet.png
AffiliationThe Cobbler Family
AliasDome Girl

Kristy Cobbler is a Keen/Noble Born Elf Thane played by Justin in The Cobblers.





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Kristy is the only daughter to Borris and Beautressa Cobbler. Through idle conversations, it can been assumed that Kristy was an accidental pregnancy, due to her parents not being prepared for safe sex.

The Cobblers[edit]

Kristy accompanied her father, mother, Grandmother and her Butler on a holiday vacation in the town of Chossals, where they where contracted by the locals to hunt down a particular den of Goblins who were accused of kidnapping Elves and Dwarves. Kristy asked her father how he and her mother met, to which she listened attentively to his story until he descended into one of his episodic seizures, forcing Kristy to assist him by holding his tongue. Almost immediately after Borris recovered, they were visted by one Reginald Barringster III. Reginald had came to inform the family about the Goblins they where contracted to slay, but also revealed that they where Fleshweavers as well.

Agreeing to helping the town, the Cobbler family and the Barringster set out to the nearby caves were the Goblins had taken as a base of operations. At the entrance to the cave, Kristy found an old, bloody axe lodged in a stump. With some assistance from her father, Kirsty pulled the axe from the stump and began using it as a weapon. This weapon would come in handy as they were attacked by two very strong Hobgoblins and a notable member of their society, Fabs the Hobogoblin. During the fight, Kristy's grandmother was whispered by an unknown entity which caused her to nearly pierce Kristy's heart with a mark of piercing. Once the battle was over and Grandmother was back to normal, the family gathered around a very wounded and dying Fabs. Kristy's father and grandmother encouraged Kristy to kill Fabs and eat her heart as a right of passage of a Cobbler, thoroughly confusing her and her mother. However, Kristy did kill Fabs and barely ate a bit of her heart, pleasing them.

The Cobblers then advance into the nearby cave to find a river of still blood and various Goblins. However, before Kristy can assist in killing the Goblins, she is whispered by the same unknown entity. Try as Kristy might, she attempted to kill her family, but blatantly failed to remotely be noticed by her family with her killing intent. Once the whisper subsided, Kristy assisted in slaying the rest of the Goblins, which were revealed to be Ageless, and an army of Clockodiles which had appeared.

The family continued deeper into the cave, were they were met again with an army of Goblins armed with rocks, rotten fruit and sticks. Reginald was initially hesitant about going headfirst into the battle, but was encouraged by the Cobbler family that they are Goblin Slayers, and they dive in magic-blazing. However, at the beginning of the fight, Beautressa is affected by a mysterious whisper, causing ehr to turn on her family in full force. However, a system in her mech suit failed, causing a fireball to destroy the suit completely. This caused the rest of the Cobbler family to have time before Beautressa recovered from her Whisper. Once the effect wore off, the capable Goblin slaying family quickly dispatched the Goblins once Borris enacted his Deathflame in conjunction with a Thunderous Roar, causing a Deathflame Roar to eviscerate the Ageless Goblins. Further filled with confidence, the family find a group of four captured Elves. After some altercations, the family releases the group and both parties enter the last area of the cave, only to be blocked off by a mysterious cave in.

In the cave they hear a dark whisper, revealing that is was a Flesh Monstrosity known as the Legion who has been afflicting the Cobbler's minds. A battle begins between the Legion and the Cobblers, Reginald and the freed Elves. The battle is long as Legion is whispering each mind of the Cobblers, save for Borris, while the remaining Cobblers give it their all to end the monstrosity. The fight goes on, but eventually the flesh begins to fall apart, leaving a slightly slithering mound of blood and flesh on the ground. Once the battle is concluded, Borris reveals that he has been having visions during his seizures and eradicates the mind of Reginald, whom Borris believes to be the cause. One of the freed Elves overhears this and says that Borris is a Dreamweaver, who can see the past AND the future. However, Borris brushes the elf off and continues to talk to his family, when the Flesh Monstrosity rises again, but this time with two others at his side. Eliza is extremely happy for her son to come into his own, but this is cut short as the Legion reforms itself into three, separate Legions, and the battle is started again.

During the battle, Borris succomes to one more seizure but rises on his own as a fully realized Dreamweaver, and assists everyone, by stopping the mind controlling effects. One by one, the Cobbler Family eradicates the Legions until the blobs of flesh are lifeless. The battle is won.



  • Kristy was the original character to be featured on the Thane's class cards in Season 3.