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This article is about the Ageless Magi. For the Non-Canon Ogre King, see Krungore.

RaceAgeless Ogre
AliasKrungor The Ogre King of the Undead
Campaigns The Skeleton King



Krungor is a huge Ogre who used to have two heads, one intelligent and one dumb. However, one head was cut off when he attempted to interfere in Bopen's fight with Virgo Sunsword, as Bopen wanted to fight Virgo by himself.



Krungor has admiration and respect for Clott after being bested by him in a tavern skirmish and even went to Clott for advice while fighting the Behemoth.

After raiding a Koblold village, Krungor was charmed by Are'ani, who put under him under mind control, causing him to do her bidding as she wishes. Before this, however, they still had a friendly relationship.

Powers & Abilities[edit]








Krungor at some point was cast out by Yvander.

The Skeleton King[edit]

Krungor joined the crew after some time after he was cast out by Yvander. He decided to join Bopen's crew thinking that Bopen was a Divine being, since he wanted to worship a Divine being. He introduced himself by knocking off Quartermaster Clott's hat, proclaiming himself as Bopen's new Quartermaster. Both Krungor and Clott began a brawl, ultimately ending with Clott emerging as the winner.

Krungor punches Virgo during the fight between Bopen and Virgo, and in retaliation, Bopen decapitates the smart head because he had gotten in the way of their fight. Krungor, however, survives this, and his Smart head remains on him, albeit as a decaying skull.

The Senate of Deadlantis[edit]

Krungor meets Merci, one of the new crew men. Merci is intrigued by Krungor's broken head, and steals it for himself. Then Krungor runs up to Cain, at first thinking he's an Ogre, only to realize he's a Porc, or even a Porc Ogre hybrid. Krungor and Cain team up and beat up Merci to retrieve his broken head.


Krungor was last seen with the rest of his shipmates before Bopen traveled to Deadlantis with Phineas Barringster. It is not known if any of the crew went to Deadlantis with Bopen, or if they all stayed on the ship.


  • Krungor is a reference to a Doom Clock event in Dwarves vs Zombies, a mini game that Rob made in Minecraft.
  • In The Skeleton King it was said that the dumb head was cut off but in The Senate of Deadlantis the smart one was the one cut off, though it is implied Krungor doesn't actually remember and simply claims it was the smart one.