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This article is about the Non-Canon Ogre King. For the Ageless Magi, see Krungor.

Wait, that's not quite right. The information in this article is Non-Canon. Oh no!

Name Krungore
Race Ogre
Stamina Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance The Nuren Campaign


Krungore was informed Kormac that travelers were coming to steal from Bopen. He agrees to help them, and as he turns a corner, notices them safely exiting the mermaid room rushes towards them. However when the brothers see him they assume he is another one of Bopen's goons. Sir Spankey Themuncay already enlarged to the size of Krungore grapples with him for a time. Krungore not wishing to fight back quite yet simply defends himself. Blinky then proceeds to enlarge Spankey again. Spankey uses the two mermaids he's chained to as leads and ride the ogre. Inky and Blinky proceed to further enlarge him. Krungore begins to whimper under the weight of the dwarf. Spankey then puts krungore out of his misery and snaps his neck. Spankey then proceeds to steal the axe given to him by his son, and cooked by the party.


Krungore is an average ogre in build and height.


Mainly characterized by his stoicism, and according to Kormac, he is a devoted father.


  • Krungore appeared in the original Unforgetten Realms web series as an antagonist. In both works he can only say "OGRE SOUNDS!"
  • In Dwarves vs Zombies he also appears as an antagonist and is a playable monster hero.