Ladrian Cobbler

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Senator Ladrian Cobbler
RaceAgeless Elf
AffiliationThe Cobbler Family
Campaigns The Senate of Deadlantis
SeasonsSeason Three

Senator Ladrian Cobbler is an Ageless Elf Bard played by Roamin in The Senate of Deadlantis campaign. Ladrian Cobbler is the first of the Cobbler Family, he is one of the few survivors of the initial fallout of the Birth of Magic. After being forced to become Ageless, Ladrian altered his personality and became a Senator of Deadlantis, joining the Gravedigger political faction.



Ladrian Cobbler is a male Elf with dark hair. Before the Birth of Magic, Ladrian had short, kept hair and a small mustache. He wore a thick coat with a fur trim and a plaid shirt underneath. After the Birth of Magic, Ladrian's hair became ill-kept and he removed the mustache. As a Senator, he now wears a shirt with a small bow tie on it, a dark suit jacket over it, and a medal hanging from his neck.

After being forced to become Ageless, Ladrian's true form is that of a living Skeleton.


Prior to the Birth of Magic, Ladiran was a loving single father with a steady hand and a friendly demeanor. While he expresses his frustration with not having any freetime due to his responsibilities as a father and breadwinner, he constantly shows his love for his daughters. He's generally friendly with his fellow elves and shows a willingness to lend his support when they ask for help, especially when asked about the topic of parenting. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork in running a family, and appears to be a very involved parent. He holds a lot of baggage regarding his absent ex-wife, but admits that she was a negative influence to the family.

He had a habit of sharing beetles with his daughters to calm them down, oblivious to the beetles' great addictive properties, due to the immunity from harm and death that the Elves had prior to the Birth of Magic. He also used to do this with Golestandt.

The Birth of Magic changed Ladrian Cobbler, as it cost him his family and his soul due to his transformation into an Ageless. As a Senator of Deadlantis, he largely tries to promote the overall improvement of Deadlantis society, but holds a personal interest in regaining the sense of family that he lost when his daughters were killed. This largely manifests in a twisted desire to turn children into Ageless so he might be able to care for them. This drive also leads him to be persuaded into joining Bopen's cause to wage war on the living and turn them all into Ageless.


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Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Elf}]
  • [{Class / Bard}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Hidden}]
  • [{Attribute / Blasphemous}]


  • [{Bard / Adventurer's Backpack}] (x2)
  • [{Bard / Jack of All Trades}]
  • [{Flamedanseur / Tarcial Slippers}]
  • [{Supplies / Enchantments}]
  • [{Supplies / Bag of Juicy Beetles}]
  • [{Passive / Heartwall Locket}]


  • [{Bard / Divine Mending}]
  • [{Bard / Storyteller}]
  • [{Bard / Disguise}]
  • [{Bard / Bolster Spirits}]
  • [{Bandito / Contraband}]
  • [{Enchanter / Swiftness Charm}]
  • [{Rouge / Abusive Shriek}]
  • [{Runemaster / Mark of Summoning}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Sunstrike EX}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Weapon / Fine Falchion}]: Has a Lucky Rabbit's Foot attached to it.
  • [{Weapon / Summoning Wand}]
  • [{Weapon / Golden Revolver}]
  • [{Armor / Overly Protective Chainmail}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Ladrian Cobbler is the first Cobbler made by the Divine Beings, and was the head of the family before the Birth of Magic. His wife, Marie, divorced him after they had two children, Vin and Deanna. Marie was pregnant with the couple's third child, Auri, and delivered her to him in a box filled with dead lilies. Ladrian and his daughters were invited to the Coming of Age Ascension Ceremony of Louis Tarcial'Embeart, on the same day as the Birth of Magic.

The Senate of Deadlantis[edit]

A Night to Remember[edit]


Senator Ladrian Cobbler, now a Wraith, took down a party ship turning many on it into ageless thralls.


  • Ladrian Cobbler's given name is a reference to Waxillium Ladrain from the Mistborn: Era 2 book Series. Early that same week Roamin revealed that he is fan of the Series.
    • Ladrian's daughters may also be references to characters from fantasy series: Vin—named after the main character of the Mistborn: Era 1 book series, Denna—named after the love interest of the main character from The Kingkiller Chronicle book series, and Auri—named after an important friend of the main character, also from The Kingkiller Chronicle book series.