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Home To Elves, Sunswords
First Appearance The New Crew

A Elf resort town on an island, first seen in The New Crew campaign. Many Elves live here, as well as the town contains a summer home for the Sunswords.

Points of Interest[edit]

  • Laeyuleaugh contains a manor for the Sunswords during the summer. The town was raided by the crew of the Bocoe, from The New Crew, and most of the Elven residents in the town were killed, with the exception of Fenrus and some Sunclerics residing in the manor at the time.

Known Buildings[edit]

  • Sunsword summer manor
  • Many Elven houses

Known Residents[edit]



The resort town of Laeyuleaugh is located on an island, where many Elves reside, as well as Sunclerics hanging out in the manor.

The New Crew[edit]

The newest crew of the Bocoe has been tasked with the mission to steal the same key Nisovin tasked to Yumi and her Yumi's Band of Thieves, as seen in Band of Thieves. Once they arrive, they send in the first wave of crew, who plunder the town, killing all the normal Elven residents, and raid their houses. After all that, the second wave of crew, specifically the new crew members, (Rick Snot, Marco, Polo, McCoy, Young Ladyir, and Cain) who are in search of the key. Merci ended up being caught, as the other crew members escaped from the manor, leaving the island.


  • Captain Merci was eventually captured on Laeyuleaugh during the fight in the Sunswords' summer home, after Young Ladyir found the key.