Lance Willakers

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This article is about the Dwarven leader of the Lightbeard clan. For the Elven Bard, see Lance Briggs.

Lance Willakers
RaceAgeless Dwarf
AffiliationLightbeard Clan
RelationshipsParents: Bruce Willakers, Virendra Willakers
Campaigns The Fall of Dundinborough, The Grand Paladin Order, The Purge

Lance Willakers is a Dwarf played by Rob in The Fall of Dundinborough, The Grand Paladin Order and The Purge campaigns. Lance Willakers is the leader of the Dwarven Lightbeard Clan and a high ranking member of the Grand Paladin Order. Lance was brutally beaten and killed by a group of escaping Ageless civilians and was turned into an Ageless himself by the Skeleton King Bopen. Now unsure of his beliefs, Lance ran away from Bopen's army, leaving his men there.



Lance is a male Dwarf with a bushy beard, tied off into four separate tails. He is shown to wear heavy armor that covers his entire torso and shoulders. It is unknown how old Lance is, but his face has several wrinkles.

After becoming Ageless, Lance's true form is that of a living Skeleton, lacking any skin or organs.


Lance is a very powerful character with a strong will; he will stop for nothing to get what he wants accomplished. He was very loyal to The Grand Paladin Order and is known to be racist towards Goblins. However, after being turned Ageless by Bopen, his loyalty towards The Grand Paladin Order will be tested.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Dwarf}]



Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Weapon / Spider Slayer}]
  • [{Armor / Webweaver Armor}]

Former Belongings[edit]



During Lance Willakers' early life, other than his father Bruce Willakers and mother Virendra Willakers, Lance was often taken care of by his dwarven babysitter Douglass Winechester, and tossed around as a child. For a while, to preserve young Lance's childhood, he was given Dragon Silver, which halted his aging. Lance was also said to be the King of all Dwarves. It said by Bopen that Bruce had perished, which might had some negative effects on young Lance. At some point in time, Lance joined the Paladin Order and became the leader of the Lightbeard Clan of Dwarves.

The Lightbeards[edit]

Lance's mother Virendra Willakers was revealed here, as well as the plots taken in order to kidnap the young child. Lance escapes through a painting with his babysitter Douglass Winechester through a painting as they're brought to safety by Sallazhar Sintour from the newly transformed dragon form of Virendra.

The Fall of Dundinborough[edit]

He was tasked to rescue the Royals of Dundinborough after the siege that happened moments ago. He comes and helped the party in the nick of time and goes to evacuate the royals, only to find them all dead. Then, right in front of his eyes he saw the bodies of the royals combine to become Bopen the Skeleton King. Lance proceeds to orders his archers to fire at Bopen and decides to retreat knowing that the mission has failed. He then creates a wall to buy them some time and flee with the remaining survivors.

The Grand Paladin Order[edit]

He was one of the more prominent characters in this campaign. We see him as someone very high up in The Grand Paladin Order. He organizes the battlefield and tells other characters where they should be. There was a possibility of him becoming the Grand Paladin through a Divine Decision.

The Purge[edit]

Lance Willakers was tasked with Purging the Civilian Ageless in the town of Reldawin by the new Grand Paladin Gwyneth Sunsword, and arrived via ship with several other members from the The Grand Paladin Order.


Having being killed by a swarm of ageless, mostly composed of ageless hat rats, Bopen revived Lance as an ageless and let him flee. Lance's fate afterwards is unknown.


  • Lance is a reference to the character of the same name from one of Rob's other projects 'Dwarves vs Zombies'.
  • In Puppet Pals, when Lance's puppet talks, it is his moustache that moves, not his mouth.
  • Lance shares his surname with Bruce Willakers. They are related in Dwarves vs Zombies, as well as in URealms.