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Legendaries, or Legendary Items, are extremely powerful items that are unique to a character, and are also very difficult to acquire. They are specifically made and balanced for a single character to use. As such, if they are used by any other character these items could find themselves being totally useless or extremely overpowered.

Legendary Rolls[edit]

Legendary Rolls are special rolls that players are given, usually without them knowing, and potentially allow a player to obtain a legendary item. If a player rolls a 20, they will get a legendary item, otherwise nothing happens.

The only known way to acquire a legendary roll is through Supporter Events, both the traditional kind, and the new-to-season two 'Card Quests,' in which the third and final 'quest' gives all players one legendary roll.

Beginning in episode 0 of Okagnoma Guild Hall, if a player rolls a 20 on their stamina roll, that character is able to roll 2 dice for every legendary roll they have.

Legendary Items[edit]

Name Character Campaign
Tambok Ticket Many Many
Slimey Tunnel Shovel Michael Langstrom Woodcarvers
The Cowgirl Gunstaff Suzanna Sophia Sorrella Okagnoma Guild Hall
Holding Bottle Ale Shield Borracho Murder Bros
Tinderflame Johnny Feo Murder Bros
Arcane Particle Cannon Beautressa Cobbler The Cobblers
Master Tamers Handbook Eliza Cobbler The Cobblers
Dragon Egg Trandon Barringster The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One
Spoon of Bent Realities Rhedmun Kriel The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One
Dragon Warrior Helmet Denzik Unexpected Discovery
Dragonhammer Staff Raynel Unexpected Discovery
Dragon Glass Shield Sonya Unexpected Discovery
Susurflame Bromas, Lunk Unexpected Discovery, Den of Devils
Thornblade's Katana Lann McRoberts Buckeroos
Dynamite Stick The Law Buckeroos
Grand Stonescaler James Briggs The Fall of Dundinborough
Thereseesa Jebediah Den of Devils
Scrolls of the Sandbold Duke Daring Den of Devils
Living Arm of Rokesh Karl Landers Den of Devils
Nader's Old Cane Are'ani The Skeleton King
Queen's Skull Luca The Skeleton King
Tentacle Staff Tobias Cragg The Skeleton King
Zahkar's Pocket Watch Tania Grayson The Grand Paladin Order
Mysterious Dwarven Object Fetchthewater The Grand Paladin Order
Super Divinity Slash Lance Willakers The Grand Paladin Order
Super Aurora Borealis Kallark Gandolin The Grand Paladin Order
Hyper Honor Chains Galen Sunsword The Grand Paladin Order
Mega Rapid Fire Alessa Stonemason The Grand Paladin Order

Legendary Abilities[edit]

Name Character Campaign
Wormhole Thomas, Nisovin Okagnoma Guild Hall
Cold Fog Dalfgan Okagnoma Guild Hall
Frostbite Dalfgan Okagnoma Guild Hall
Froststones Dalfgan Okagnoma Guild Hall
BOOOOM Train Hallucination Murder Bros
CHOO CHOO Train Hallucination Murder Bros
DOOOOOOM Train Hallucination Murder Bros
Greater Lay on Hands Bromas Unexpected Discovery
Empahversion Jebediah Den of Devils
Eggtomb Dragonflies Den of Devils

Legendary Passives[edit]

Name Character Campaign
Yvander's Disciple Dalfgan Okagnoma Guild Hall
Behemoth Berserker Lunk Den of Devils

Legendary Attributes[edit]

Name Character Campaign
Lovestruck Conner Murder Bros

Tambok Ticket[edit]

Tambok Tickets are special Legendary items that allow a character to visit Tambok's Special Friend Show, somewhere in The Realms. They are very rare, and very easy to break, but can be obtained in a variety of ways - many are scattered throughout the lands for unknown reasons, and some can be obtained by defeating an avatar of Tambok, if it appears before you.

In the show, players who finish a campaign with a Tambok Ticket are able to nominate one character to be entered in Tambok's Special Friend Show; after twenty characters have been added, the Show's true purpose will be revealed. More information on the requirements for a character to enter the Show can be found here.


  • Tambok Tickets were first intoduced in the fifth campaign of season one of URealms Live, The Sunswords.
    • When they were first intoduced, they were not a legendary item, but a Treasure item, and could be purchased for 500 gold.
  • Tambok Tickets are unique in that, despite being a legendary item, they are not a powerful item in any way. In fact, they provide no benefit at all to the character that holds them.
  • In Woodcarvers, Rob forgot to give the players a legendary roll each after a Supporter Event activated that gave them all one. And so two combats (and a half) later, Rob have them all two legendary rolls, as they could have had a legendary item for all of that combat and he felt bad.
  • The first ever legendary item to be given was not by legendary roll, but by a seperate supporter event. It was a Tambok Ticket.
  • In Okagnoma Guild Hall, Rob accidentally revealed the legendary item for Justin's character, Buzz Dinglefizz, for a moment, instead of the one for Coestar's character, Suzanna. It was called A 'Buzz Life.'
    • In the Behind the Scenes video for Okagnoma Guild Hall, he later revealed all of the legendary items for the characters, as all of the Supporter Events and Card Quests had been fully funded, but the items were not acquired due to bad luck. As the characters didn't obtain the items in the campaign, they are not considered canon.
  • The characters from Unexpected Discovery are the only characters to acquire all of their legendaries at some point or another.