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Legendaries, or Legendary Items, are extremely powerful items that are unique to a character, and are also very difficult to acquire. They are specifically made and balanced for a single character to use. As such, if they are used by any other character these items could find themselves being totally useless or extremely overpowered.

Note: Many Legendary Cards on this page have been recreated as best as possible, but most from Season 2 are not official Cards.

Legendary Rolls[edit]

Legendary Rolls are special rolls that players are given, usually without them knowing, and potentially allow a player to obtain a legendary item. If a player rolls a 20, they will get a legendary item, otherwise nothing happens.

The only known way to acquire a legendary roll is through Supporter Events, both the traditional kind, and the new-to-season two 'Card Quests,' in which the third and final 'quest' gives all players one legendary roll.

Beginning in episode 0 of Okagnoma Guild Hall, if a player rolls a 20 on their stamina roll, that character is able to roll 2 dice for every legendary roll they have.

Legendary Items[edit]

Name Description Character Campaign
Tambok Ticket A strange ticket to something called "Tambok's Special Friend Show". You may put this Card in any slot. Many Many
Slimey Tunnel Shovel Deals 9 Damage with Basic Attacks. You and your Companion may now move through Walled Terrain made of Slime. Anytime you move through Walled Terrain made of Slime, you may consume it and gain 6 Shield. Anytime you knock a Foe into Walled Terrain made of Slime, they take an additional 10 Damage. Michael Langstrom Woodcarvers
The Cowgirl Gunstaff Deals 8 Damage with Basic Attacks. Anytime you Teleport from an Ability or Passive, you gain 100 gold. You may learn and unlearn any Ability from the Witch Class while out of combat by meditating for a few moments. Suzanna Sophia Sorrella Okagnoma Guild Hall
Holding Bottle Ale Shield At any time, you may destroy a Treasure Card to grant you or an Ally 10 Shield. When using your Poncho of Holding, you may veto up to 5 Treasures and draw new ones. At the end of Combat, you may keep or give to an Ally one of the items from your Poncho of Holding. Borracho Murder Bros
Tinderflame You deal 7 Damage with Basic Attacks. Critical Hits with Basic Attacks and Spellslinger Abilities cause you to cast Fireball on Targets. Johnny Feo Murder Bros
Arcane Particle Cannon A giant Gnomish cannon that fires a beam of pure Arcane Energy that deals 50 Damage in a line. The cannon has a long cooldown period which means this Ability can only be used every other round of combat. Beautressa Cobbler The Cobblers
Master Tamer's Handbook Double the damage your Companion does with their Abilities. You may use a Regular Action once per combat to teach your Companion a new random Companion Ability. As long as your Companion is Conscious, your character cannot go Unconscious. Eliza Cobbler The Cobblers
Dragon Egg A stolen egg from the brood of Vlaurunga. Its value is worth more than a Dragon's weight in gold. Taking care of this Egg until it hatches will allow this Character to become a Dragon Master, a Legendary Class. Trandon Barringster The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One
Spoon of Bent Realities This Legendary can transform into any other Legendary Item in the game. Once transformed, it will transform back only after you Critically Fail. Rhedmun Kriel The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One
Dragon Warrior Helmet Meditating out of combat allows you attune yourself to one of the six Elements. You are healed by damage taken from this Element, rather than damaged. Denzik Unexpected Discovery
Dragonhammer Staff Deals 5 Damage with Basic Attacks. Whenever you successfully land a Basic Attack, you may also have the Dragonhammer Staff cast any Ability of the Wizard Class at the same Target without rolling. Raynel Unexpected Discovery
Dragon Glass Shield Increases your Stamina by 25. Anytime you or an Ally within 3 spaces are attacked by a melee or projectile attack, you may roll to attempt to deflect the attack back at the attacker. Sonya Unexpected Discovery
Susurflame Deal 10 Damage with Basic Attacks. You and adjacent Targets are immune to the Element of Fire. Basic Attacks for the first time each round do not use up an Action. Bromas, Lunk Unexpected Discovery, Den of Devils
Dynamite Stick This stick of dynamite can be lit and tossed to do devastating damage. It can be thrown at a Target to deal 99 Damage in an Area or can be used to access hidden areas in the abandoned mine. The Law Buckeroos
Thornblade's Katana You deal 6 Damage with Basic Attacks. Anytime you successfully land a Basic Attack on a Target, you may move up to 2 spaces and attack a second Target with a No-Roll Basic Attack. You may repeat this process as long as you keep attacking different Targets. Lann McRoberts Buckeroos
Grand Stonescaler Anytime you use Cleric Sticks, your skin grows a scale made of Stone that increases your Shield and Stamina by 5 permanently. While you have a Snake Minion on the Battlefield, you may see through their eyes. James Briggs The Fall of Dundinborough
Behemoth Berserker Bearserk now causes you transform into a Massive Tile. Seismic Slam no longer drains Stamina and is no longer Limited. Lunk Den of Devils
Living Arm of Rokesh Deals 7 Damage with Basic Attacks. Anytime you Basic Attack, you may have your arrow make a 90 degree turn once after being fired. This item can never truly be destroyed and will always be a part of your character. Karl Landers Den of Devils
Scrolls of the Sandbold Reading these rare scrolls causes time to grind to a Halt for a few moments consuming the scrolls in the process. All Characters on the Battlefield are frozen in time stunning them for the rest of the round. Duke Daring Den of Devils
Thereseesa Deals 5 Damage with Basic Attacks. You may drain your own Shield and Stamina when using a Basic Attack to deal an additional 2 Damage per Stamina spent. Should you drain all of your Stamina with this attack, cast the Legendary Spell called Empahvision. Jebediah Den of Devils
Nader's Old Cane This cane allows you to peer into the future. Once per Combat, you may interrupt an Action that was just rolled and then grant yourself a Chaos Action. The interrupted Action will still play out the same way as before unless you use this Chaos Action to change the results. If you use this Ability to prevent a character from dying, you will cause a Sin of the Unforgotten. Are'ani The Skeleton King
Queen's Skull This skull is from a Dwarven Queen who ruled long ago. Drinking from this Skull allows the Player to change one of their Attributes to a new Random Attribute. Some Attributes cannot be changed, but instead add new Attributes to your character. Luca The Skeleton King
Tentacle Staff Deals 8 Damage with Basic Attacks. Whenever you deal Damage with this Staff you may cast a Spell as a No-Roll Bonus Action or if you like, allow the Tentacle to cast a Spell of its own. Tobias Cragg The Skeleton King
Zahkar's Pocket Watch A small watch used by Zahkar to ensure his subjects were always on time. Once per game, you may destroy this card and become Charmed for the rest of combat as you are thrown into a vicious bloodlust from having gone insane. Refresh all Anytimes and Limited Abilities at the end of the round if you killed a Target that round. Whenever you Death Roll, you die if you roll lower than 10. Tania Grayson The Grand Paladin Order
Mysterious Dwarven Object A strange and mysterious Dwarven object that when fiddled with causes the user to experience a calmness with the universe. Choose one of your Limited Abilities, this Ability can now be used as both a Limited or as a Regular Action. Fetchthewater The Grand Paladin Order
Blood of the Old Gods A goblet filled with the mysterious blood of the Old Gods. A Character who has been recently killed that drinks from this goblet will be brought back to life. Bringing Characters back to life may cause unexpected consequences. Fjord Stormstick, Morton The Purge
Blood Stained Blade The blood stained blade your own father used during his infamous killing spree during the Birth of Magic. If you fail a Death Roll, you may force a Brutal Death Roll on any Character of your choice before dying. Percy Bast The Purge
Destiny Calls A greater destiny calls to you. A destiny beyond this realm. Your Seek Destiny card is now a Regular Action. Whenever you use Seek Destiny, you roll only 1 dice and High Rolls cause you to cast a random Spell at a Target of your choice as a No-Roll Bonus Action. Ida The Purge
Goblet of Mysteries Shake the Goblet of Mysteries in an attempt to understand its true power. Rolling a Natural Critical Success in combat with the Goblet of Mysteries will cause it to transform into a new Legendary while any other number will cause it to do nothing. Fjord Stormstick, Morton The Purge
Key to the City The large ceremonial key to the city of Reldawin. Instantly end combat with a diplomatic solution that is successful unless you roll a Critical Failure. Morton The Purge
Malignant A slimey ancient two-handed axe that seems to have been crafted before the Birth of Magic. At the start of combat summon 3 Hat Rats that will cast random Spells at the closest Foe whenever you perform your Regular Action. This weapon must be wielded by whoever slayed the Rat Queen or else that person must Brutal Death Roll to attempt to break the curse. Wielding this Weapon causes you to become Ageless. Morton The Purge
Spark of Inspiration Gain a deep understanding of the secrets and dangerous powers of your Gauntlet. You are now a skilled Mage in all Elements and may choose the element of your Elemental Mage Gauntlet. Whenever you deal damage with your Elemental Mage Gauntlet, you may choose to cause a Death Roll as well. Nylys Glisk The Purge

Legendary Abilities[edit]

Note: Some Abilities may have been made into usable cards later on, but these are the versions of the cards as they were in their original campaigns.
Name Description Character Campaign
Wormhole Summon a Wormhole which deals 10 Damage in an Area and pulls all Targets into the center of the Area. Allies may roll to grab onto something to avoid the damage and pull. Thomas, Nisovin Okagnoma Guild Hall
Cold Fog Morph in a dark blue fog that transforms all spaces in an area into Deadly Terrain and interrupting any Target casting a Spell. Instead of taking damage, non Ogre Characters in an Area must Death Roll at the end of the Round while standing in this fog. Dalfgan Okagnoma Guild Hall
Frostbite Throw a spike of glowing ice that deals Damage equal to the amount of Stamina you are missing up to a maximum of 40. Dalfgan Okagnoma Guild Hall
Froststones Summon Three Froststones anywhere on the Battlefield. If touched by a Player or triggered by a Spell, all non Ogres Characters in an Area must Death Roll. Dalfgan Okagnoma Guild Hall
Greater Lay on Hands Release a wave of light onto all non-Foe Characters on the Battlefield that restores all of their Stamina and Shields. Critical Fails count as Critical Successes with this Ability. This ability does not cost an Action. Bromas Unexpected Discovery
Empahvision Blast a Target with all of your Lifeforce shooting forth pure Light energies that deal 9999 Damage in a Line. After using this Ability, you must Death Roll and then fall to the ground either Unconscious or Dead. Jebediah Den of Devils
Eggtomb Grab a Target and use Creation Magic to entomb them in a Dragon Egg. If this Target is not freed before the end of the round, they will be forced to Death Roll. Dragonflies Den of Devils
Super Divinity Slash Lance Willakers The Grand Paladin Order
Super Aurora Borealis Kallark Gandolin The Grand Paladin Order
Hyper Honor Chains Galen Sunsword The Grand Paladin Order
Mega Rapid Fire Alessa Stonemason The Grand Paladin Order

Legendary Passives[edit]

Name Description Character Campaign
Yvander's Disciple You have Two Regular and Two Anytime Actions each round. When you are about to be defeated, gain a new set of Abilities and restore all Stamina. Dalfgan Okagnoma Guild Hall

Legendary Attributes[edit]

Name Description Character Campaign
Lovestruck You are madly in love with the first Gnome you lay your eyes on. Your character will sacrifice everything to keep them out of harms way regardless if she returns the love back to you. Conner Murder Bros

Tambok Ticket[edit]

Tambok Tickets are special Legendary items that allow a character to visit Tambok's Special Friend Show, somewhere in The Realms. They are very rare, and very easy to break, but can be obtained in a variety of ways - many are scattered throughout the lands for unknown reasons, and some can be obtained by defeating an avatar of Tambok, if it appears before you.

In the show, players who finish a campaign with a Tambok Ticket are able to nominate one character to be entered in Tambok's Special Friend Show; after twenty characters have been added, the Show's true purpose will be revealed. More information on the requirements for a character to enter the Show can be found here.


  • Tambok Tickets were first intoduced in the fifth campaign of season one of URealms Live, The Sunswords.
    • When they were first intoduced, they were not a legendary item, but a Treasure item, and could be purchased for 500 gold.
    • Tambok Tickets are unique in that, despite being a legendary item, they are not a powerful item in any way. In fact, they provide no benefit at all to the character that holds them.
  • In Woodcarvers, Rob forgot to give the players a legendary roll each after a Supporter Event activated that gave them all one. And so two combats (and a half) later, Rob gave them all two legendary rolls, as they could have had a legendary item for all of that combat and he felt bad.
  • The first ever legendary item to be given was not by legendary roll, but by a seperate supporter event. It was a Tambok Ticket.
  • In Okagnoma Guild Hall, Rob accidentally revealed the legendary item for Justin's character, Buzz Dinglefizz, for a moment, instead of the one for Coestar's character, Suzanna. It was called A 'Buzz Life.'
    • In the Behind the Scenes video for Okagnoma Guild Hall, he later revealed all of the legendary items for the characters, as all of the Supporter Events and Card Quests had been fully funded, but the items were not acquired due to bad luck. As the characters didn't obtain the items in the campaign, they are not considered canon.