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This is a collection of mentioned locations in The Realms.


Okagnoma Guild Hall[edit]

The Okagnoma Guild Hall is a college in the city of Okagnoma, attended by Gnomes who wish to learn magic. It accepts students of all abilities, and it has many different professors, including Professor Nisovin.

The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry[edit]

The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a tall tower constructed by the dragon aspect Quintara Lotus. It consists of many different, puzzle-filled floors that have been created by those who have previously scaled the tower.

Silvermine Mountains[edit]

The Silvermine Mountains are mountains featuring a mine where prisoners of the Elves are sent off to, to be put to work mining the 'silver' in the mountains, which is used by the Elves to prevent ageing.

Zarlin Catacombs[edit]

The Zarlin Catacombs are ancient temples, made by the Beenu that are located under The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. They are filled with many Robots that have the power to alter many different things, from someone's sex, to their race.


Zelfatar, like the Zarlin Catacombs, was a Great Hall constructed by the Beenu, but it was discovered by Duke Daring, who reported back to the Guild of Explorers. This lead to a full on expedition into the dungeon by the Guild, and the Grand Paladin Order.



Deadlantis is home to the largest population of Ageless beings in the entire realm. It is an underwater, bubble-like city. It is notable for being the place where the Senate of Deadlantis is hosted.

Unnamed Dwarven City (The Unseen Rogues)[edit]

This city is the home of the player characters and NPCs of The Unseen Rogues. The city contains two museums, both of which are run by Omally. The city also contains a Timmy O's.



Abracadab is the home country of many Magicians and the birthplace of the Abracadab language.



Bardusk is a dwarven town and home of the bard Darius and his father.


A small Dwarven settlement that lies outside of the Hobgoblin-filled caves. The Cobbler Family arrived in Chossals to take out the threat of these goblins, as they had been kidnapping many dwarves.


Danevur is an Elven town that Theta Squad was stationed in to defend from Porcs.


The City of Dundinborough is a coastal Dwarven town with a castle home to the Dundinborough Clan, one of the original twelve Dwarven Clans. The city was raided by Ageless, and fell under the rule of Bopen, who made the castle his own.


Elevisaurin is known to be the capital city of the Sunswords. It also doubles as their base of operations.


The Headquarters of the Grand Paladin Order is located here. It is known to be very cold and icy, with tundra and taigas.


Karazzim is a Kobold town surrounded by mountains and forests. It is often confused with other uses of the word, such as Romulus' grandfather.


Laeyuleaugh is an Elf resort town on an island, that the Crew of the Bocoe were tasked to raid to find a key, by Nisovin.

New Porc City[edit]

A large Porcine city, where many Porcs are trained to become Sheriffs and law-abiding citizens, to deal with the large amount of crime in the area, and all around. Unusually for Porcs, many wear clothes in the city, as they have a uniform for their policing.


Silverflats is a small town that appeared in Murder Bros and Buckeroos. It was a camp set up by Dwarves and Elves that was near the Silvermine Mountains, so many trains went through carrying Dragon Scales, and other important cargo.


Than'drellfal is the capital city of all elves, known to be the town which King Rohbear Leomaris resides in. It is also known to house members of the Council of the Elves.


A town which is the home of Fjord Stormstick, his father, his grandfather, and his great grandfather.


Waldon is a Dwarven town, that is home to a group of lumberjacks, who work in the nearby forest. Waldon was destroyed by Golestandt during the events of Woodcarvers.

Unnamed Elven Town (Band of Thieves)[edit]

This is a town where Gwyneth Sunsword's squadron once stationed, where the battle between Yumi's band of thieves and Gwyneth's squadron occurred. This town also contains a small jail. Neighboring the town is a cave, home to the Monkey Fish King.


Dingo Isles[edit]

The Dingo Isles are a set of islands in an unknown part of "The Drink" and they house ancient ruins.

Emerald Lake[edit]

The Emerald Lake is located near the town of Danevur, and houses the Whisper Snake of Emerald Lake.


The location where Dragon Aspect Yvander resides. It is protected by the Winterstone which lowers temperatures in the regions to levels most mortals cannot survive in. [Source: Lore Card from Woodcarvers].

Realm of Holding[edit]

A separate dimension exists inside Objects of Holding that allow them to hold various objects and potentially people. The realm is composed of several bubbles that each contain a single entity, but the bubbles may be combined together if enough force is applied.

Realm of Shadows[edit]

A realm which contains the dungeon in which Dalfgan is held. This dungeon is guarded by the Sunsword family.