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This is a list of all organizations found within the URealms Live world.

Barringster Family[edit]

The Barringster Family is an ancient Elven family that is seen by others to be pompous and uptight. It has links to the Sunsword Family. Many of them also harbor some insanity, and their founder, Trandon Barringster, was quite Insane, having lived so long.

Notable Members[edit]

Bopen's Skeleton Crew[edit]

A group of Ageless and non-Ageless who follow Bopen on his many plundering expeditions, first seen in The Skeleton King.

Notable Members[edit]

Briggs Family[edit]

The Briggs Family is a family of Elves that has been around since before the Birth of Magic, as some members were playing in the band at Louis Tarcial'Embeart's ascension party. The family is known to be very trustworthy and honorable, and is closely affiliated with the Sunswords.

Notable Members[edit]

Cobbler Family[edit]

The Cobbler Family currently consists of Borris Cobbler, his wife, his daughter, his mother, and his mother's butler. They were tasked with exterminating a goblin threat in Chossals in The Cobblers.

Notable Members[edit]

Contestants of the Battle of the Bards[edit]

These are contestants of the Battle of the Bards competition.

Notable Members[edit]

Crew of the Bocoe[edit]

The main article for this organization is Crew of the Bocoe.
The Jewel of the Dingo Isles RadioactiveK.png
The New Crew RadioactiveK.png

A pirate crew under the leadership of Captain Merci that sail aboard a ship known as the Bocoe. They first appeared in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles, and were last seen being captured and split up by Virgo Sunsword and his crew. At the end of The New Crew, Rick Snot becomes the new captain. The current fate of the crew is unknown after the capture of their prison ship by Bopen's crew.

Notable Members[edit]

Dundinborough Guards[edit]

The Dundinborough Guards are royal knights who were assigned to guard the Royal Family of Dundinborough. They were unable to stop an Ageless siege in which the royals were killed by Bopen the Skeleton King.

Notable Members[edit]

Flesh Weavers[edit]

The main article for this organization is Flesh Weavers.

A group of Gnomes led by Smiggons that practice the art of flesh weaving, creating Flesh Monstrosities out of the bodies of dead people, that appeared in The Death of Virgo and The Cobblers.

Notable Members[edit]

Grand Paladin Order[edit]

The Zarlin Catacombs RadioactiveK.png

The Grand Paladin Order is led by the Grand Paladin. But it's not just a title; the Grand Paladin is given a bit of the previous leader's knowledge and personalty through the coronation ceremony. However, very little is known about this ceremony currently.

Members of the Grand Paladin Order, some of whom appeared in The Zarlin Catacombs, were tasked to guide Morgana Marie through the catacombs. Some of them reappeared in Unexpected Discovery, joining the Guild of Explorers to search through Zelfatar.

Notable Members[edit]


Guild of Explorers[edit]

The main article for this organization is Guild of Explorers.

The Guild of Explorers is a guild that hires many mercenaries to search out ancient ruins and valuable artifacts. Duke Daring of the guild discovered the Beenu ruins Zelfatar, and alerted the guild, who teamed up with the Grand Paladin Order in Unexpected Discovery to search through the halls for the long-lost race.

Notable Members[edit]

Gwyneth Sunsword's Squadron[edit]

Gwyneth Sunsword travels with her partner Kallark Gandolin and a group of dwarves that associate themselves as followers of Ouro'ras. The are part of the Grand Paladin Order and protect a Sun Key that Gwyneth owns.

Notable Members[edit]

Mona's Band[edit]

The Unseen Rogues RadioactiveK.png

A group of Dwarven thieves led by Mona, and are enemies of The Unseen Rogues, who appear in The Unseen Rogues.

Notable Members[edit]

Senate of Deadlantis[edit]

A group of ageless skeletons that control the city of deadlantis

Notable Members[edit]

SK Malone's Mercenaries[edit]

Slippery Knuckles Malone leads a group of mercenaries that appeared in The Blood Snake Queen, who are paid to hunt and kill.

Notable Members[edit]


The Ski-gypsians are a group of gunpowder eating Porcs who appeared in Battle of the Bards campaign, as contestants. They were going to face The Future Winners, but the latter pulled out after Gear Man left and Vanessa Squishwitz had a heart attack whilst interrupting the match between Ziggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy and Harold.

Notable Members[edit]

They are a group of Porcs of a variety of sizes, including two with cannons strapped to their backs.

Sunsword Family[edit]

The main article for this organization is The Sunswords Military.

The Sunsword Family currently knowingly consists of the patriarchal leader Virgo Sunsword, and his many children, most prominently the twins Gwyneth and Galen. Each child of Virgo holds a Sun Key which holds Dalfgan in his prison in the Realm of Shadows.

Notable Members[edit]

Mentioned Members[edit]

Theta Squad[edit]

Porc Hunters RadioactiveK.png

Captain Ca-Rell is the captain of Theta Squad, a last resort squad of Elves. After Theta Squad defeated the Porc leader, Porbo, Ca-Rell left the Squad to lead the Porcs as a force of protectors. Theta Squad was then assumed to be disbanded during The Silvermine Mountains. This is because DeNada was revealed to be a Cult of Bones member, and then proceeded to freeze off Elmar's manhood in a game of Chilly Willy's.

Notable Members[edit]

The Brothers Flannigan[edit]

The Brothers Flannigan is a group of musicians that attempted to climb The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. One of their members, Reesi Gandolin, fell into lava whilst traveling up the tower.

Notable Members[edit]

The Future Winners[edit]

Battle of the Bards RadioactiveK.png

The Future Winners are a traveling band of bards that participated in the Battle of the Bards show. The leader of this band is Lance "Tone Deaf" Briggs.

Notable Members[edit]

The Okagnoma Guild Hall[edit]

Okagnoma Guild Hall RadioactiveK.png
The main article for this organizations is Okagnoma Guild Hall.

The Okagnoma Guild Hall is a college in Okagnoma for Gnomes to learn magic, that appeared in the Okagnoma Guild Hall campaign.

Notable Members[edit]



The Unseen Rogues[edit]

The Unseen Rogues are a gang of Dwarves lead by Pit Boss Dragonfire Omally. The Unseen Rogues operate in a Dwarven city by using fear of death as motivation throughout the city. They also use the city's museums as fronts for their operations, stashing gold behind paintings and storing it as valuable artefacts such as vases. The Monks in Kobold Headhunters were said to be followers of Omally, so it can be assumed that they were also members of the Unseen Rogues.

Notable Members[edit]

  • Omally
  • Chase
  • Lester: Deceased
  • Squinks
  • 2 Dwarven Monks called Wallace and Windo: Deceased
  • A Dwarven Monk called Djonn
  • 9 Unnamed Dwarven Guards: 5 Deceased
  • 3 Unnamed Kobold Monks

The Murder Bros[edit]

The Murder Bros Sixelona.png
The main article for this organization is The Murder Bros.

The Murder Bros are a gang lead by Chimera and Empusa. The Murder Brothers were originally an all Kobold gang but have recently been allowing other races to join their gang. They are famous for leaving no survivors after fights.

Notable Members[edit]

The Woodcarvers[edit]

Woodcarvers RadioactiveK.png

The Woodcarvers are a group of lumberjacks that live in Waldon, who set out to destroy a harmful fungus in the nearby forest in Woodcarvers.

Notable Members[edit]

Virgo Sunsword's Personal Squad[edit]

Virgo Sunsword commands a squadron of high-ranking elves in The Sunswords Military. They have all been on many missions with Virgo Sunsword, and are all good friends with him.

Notable Members[edit]

Yumi's Band of Thieves[edit]

Band of Thieves RadioactiveK.png

Yumi is the owner of a small thieves guild that takes odd jobs from Nisovin.

Notable Members[edit]

Ziggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy[edit]

Another band in the Battle of the Bards competition. The leader of this "metal-punk rock" band is Ziggy Ziggy, and is accompanied by his pet Stone Tail, Iggy Iggy. In the Battle of the Bards campaign, they were in the middle of their match against Harold when The Future Winners interrupted and started competing against them. Ziggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy were able to win their round, but ultimately lost to Tiefa'ni.

Notable Members[edit]