Lola van Drych

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Lola van Drych
AffiliationOkagnoma Guild Hall
Campaigns Okagnoma Guild Hall
SeasonsSeason Two Sins of the Unforgotten

Lola van Drych is an Okagnoma Gnome Enchanter played by Deadbones in Okagnoma Guild Hall. She is one of the many students of the school, but aspires to be a fashionista instead of a powerful mage.



Lola is a female Okagnoma Gnome with tanned skin, brown eyes and a thin figure. She keeps her light green hair relatively short and slicked back, ending at just above the nape of her neck. Lola wears a dark green sleeveless dress that ends just above her knee caps, the dress has a slight transparent top that covers the areas around her breasts and connects to a small choker necklaces with a silver medallion on it. A pink sash goes along the waist of her dress as well. Lola also wears a pair of tight, white gloves that end at her elbows and a pair of matching high heeled boots that end at her knee caps. Over her general outfit, she wears a black jacket that has, what appears to be, a fur or spiked collar and pink trims around the base of the sleeves, eyebrow piercings above both of her eyes and a pair of white glasses.

Lola is often accompanied by her Minions, which consist of her own clothing designs enchanted by her puppeteering along with green particles that form the shape of pixies. Lola also carried a small purse during her time at the Okagnoma Guild hall that appeared to have green scales along the outside of the bag. Lola's Ouro'ras Chime Sword is a double edge long sword with a green hilt and pink wrapping along the handle, at the butt of the sword is a small string that carries around a triplet of bells.


Lola has a very uncaring personality, preferring to not be called out in class and left to her own devices. However, when she must speak up, she will be condescending to anyone near, be it her classmates or her teachers. She will often talk down to them when answering questions, which she is most often right about. She does have a fan girl side, however, being enamored by most anything regarding the legendary wizard, Nisovin.


Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Gnome}]
  • [{Class / Enchanter}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Descendant}]
  • [{Attribute / Narcissistic}]


  • [{Supplies / Prodigy}]
  • [{Passive / Combat Banner}]
  • [{Enchanter / Enchanted Object}] x8


  • [{Enchanter / Conjure Fortune}]
  • [{Enchanter / Mesmerize}]
  • [{Enchanter / Flaunt}]
  • [{Enchanter / Enchant Life}]
  • [{Theurgist / Rage Totem}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Weapon / Ouro'ras Chime Sword}]
  • [{Weapon / Spiked Anchor}]
  • [{Shield / Mirror Shield}]
  • [{Armor / Makeshift Armor}]
  • [{Treasure / Amplification Wand}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Lola comes from a wealthy family who supports her endeavours of wanting to be a clothing designer, but only if she attended the Okagnoma Guild Hall. She agreed and attended the school under the tutelage of Nisovin.

Okagnoma Guild Hall[edit]


Currently attending Okagnoma Guild Hall.


  • Her last name, Drych, is Welsh for mirror. This is especially appropriate because of the role her mirror plays in combat encounters - most noticeably against Dalfgan.
  • Because of Deadbones getting the Porc Mastery treasure from his gnome passive, he was allowed to play with a character that was proficient in the knowledge of Porcs, possibly even more so than Professor Duncan.
  • Lola van Drych is the first character to commit a Sin of the Unforgotten.
  • Lola was the original character to be featured on the Enchanter's class cards in Season 3.
  • Lola is currently the only known character to be an Enchanter.