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There is a lot of backstory in the URealms Live universe that may be helpful to know so that you understand the plots of some campaigns, or know what the Players mean when they talk about different events. This page is a compilation of many different major lore events both in the past before any campaigns, or those which happened during campaigns.

Note: While knowing this lore may help you to understand some things, URealms can still be enjoyed without knowing anything at all. It is mainly a show for comedy, which needs no understanding to appreciate.

The Great Hatching[edit]

From a massive egg birthed two twin dragons, Phanto and Kallisto, who then shaped the Realms into what it is today. They resided as twin suns above the Realms. They created other Dragons, large, intelligent beasts known as High Bears, the tall, human-like Elves and the technologically advanced, humanoid bird people known as Beenu. During this time there was only Light and no one could die - it was a "Utopia".

The Birth of Magic[edit]

This Utopia lasted for a while until one of the two Sun Dragons, Phanto, perished due to the Beenu's interventions and crystallized, forming the Moon of the Realms. His death caused fluctuations in the magic of the lands which caused the Light magic to branch out, and its opposite, Dark magic, to form. The Utopia ended and the creatures of the land were able to die. The Beenu died out quickly as they had no way to reproduce.

The Dragons and their Magics[edit]

When the Light magic from the Utopia began to fluctuate it branched out, as did its new opposite, Dark magic. This created a spectrum of magics, each of which was adopted by a Dragon Aspect. Light magic extended to include Fire and Earth magic, while Dark magic encompassed Ice and Arcane magic.

The Dragons and their relevant magics are:

The Birth of the Races[edit]

After the Birth of Magic other races began to be created, most of them being created by Thor, son of Ouro'ras. Thor was a shorter Elf, and created Dwarves in his likeness: short and bearded. Supposedly, when he was drunk, Thor vomited on a pig, and since he was magical he infused the pig with intelligent life, thus creating the first Porc which then began to breed and create more Porcs in a similar fashion to how they were first created by Thor. The Dwarves betrayed Thor at one point, trapping him, but he called out to the un-intelligent, beast-like Kobolds to save him. After rescuing him, he created new, intelligent Kobolds as their reward. Thor also created the Forn, and the Shellmind. Unlike most other races, there is little known about the origins of the Gnomes, as they just began appearing as the other races did.

The Cultures and Natures of the Races[edit]

Each of the different races act in very different ways and are known for their own traits. High Bears do not often communicate with the other races, as they believe they are the strongest and most intelligent of the races, second only to the Dragons. Elves are highly-skilled spell casters and they work in a military-like fashion; very efficient and strict. Dwarves are known for their ale and their buildings made of stone, with foundations deep in the earth. As such, Dwarves tend to hate Kobolds, who eat the rocks and gems that the Dwarves cherish so much. Gnomes flourish with technology and research, and they love treasures more than most. Kobolds are known as liars and un-trustworthy, even having created their own language, just to fool the other races. Porcs are usually less intelligent than the other races and they also have no genitalia (as they reproduce through their vomit), and they usually live in tribal groups. Goblins aren't viewed as equals (especially by Elves), so most have resorted to thievery and hiding just to get by.

The Elven Families[edit]

Elves took control of much of the land with certain families rising to power in different regions, each with their own militaries and leaders. While these families may appear hostile to each other on the outside they may rely on trading certain materials such as Dragon Scales in order to help each other survive. Even though some Elves view themselves higher than the other races they have created treaties such as The Ironstone Accords to set out laws that treat, in this case, Elves and Dwarves as equals.

The High Bear Laws[edit]

High Bears are honorable creatures, and betraying one another is an act of treason. As such, if a High Bear breaks the trust of their community they are banished through a ceremony called A'nu Lomante, which translates to "Farewell Disgraced", and announced an A'nu, or Low Bear, unworthy of honor.

The High Bears once resided in Ursazoll, the highest peak in the Realms. However, after the Birth of Magic, Yvander, depressed by her father's death, forced the High Bears from Ursazoll so she could stay there herself, as she believed that she would be closest to Phanto. The High Bears relocated to Ursamar, their new home.

The Capture and Escape of The Ageless One[edit]

Virgo, leader of The Elven Sunsword Family, fought against the Cult of Bones, a cult that worshipped The Ageless One, Golestandt. Despite the Cult's ability to resist death in most normal ways he found their weakness and forced them into hiding, while locking The Ageless One away by ordering the construction of a mountain on top of its resting place. The Elves then began to harvest the Dragon's scales, as by putting them through a specific process and then consuming them they could cure most diseases and even reverse ageing. However, the Cult of Bones began to resurface and even managed to infiltrate the prison complex that had been housed within the mountain, and as they began to recruit more souls to the Cult The Ageless One reawakened, tearing out of the mountain and destroying it in the process. The Cult members, being immune to most forms of death, would be able to dig their way out from the mountain, but many perished within it. The Ageless One then flew for many miles, breathing deadly breath onto anything in his way.

The War Machine[edit]

As the Guild of Explorers and Grand Paladin Order explored the ancient Beenu ruins of Zelfatar, they encountered a large War Machine blocking a ravine. After destroying both of its hands it began to transform, shedding its large casing and leaving behind a jukebox playing a funky song and a spindly, floating figure, with the face of the machine. As the adventurers crossed the ravine with a bridge re-created by the figure, the music stopped and the figure began to speak a message that was far beyond the comprehension of the inhabitants of the Realms:

"Interlopers, you who ventured too deep into these halls. This is a place that is damned by the malediction of time. The oversight of my fathers has doomed this entire realm. Your existence is meaningless, when the minutes that pass curse you to forever be forgotten. To seek status. To build a legacy. To be remembered when time will erase all worlds, is an error. The moon has fallen. How long before the Sun does too? How long before this realm comes to an end. Even now as you watch, as you listen, your life in this realm, in your own world, slips away. You may seek immortality, but even the gods cannot defeat the passage of the hour. And if even the gods can perish, if the worlds, the stars, the Sun and the moon can die, what hope do you have?
Do you not realize you are but mere characters in a story? Do you not look around you and wonder who might be peering into your lives. Who might be listening, who might be watching?
Existence in a dimension with time is meaningless. Your reality is tied to the life force of your creators, who, bound by the dimensional limitations of time, can only bend yours by spending theirs. Your lives are tied to the wealth and power of but a few Divine, who throw gold to watch you dance. They smirk at your misery, they cry out to watch you feel pain. Should they grow tired of this realm, should they fall to the flow of the hours themselves, then your world will be all but erased. I warned them of this demand, but they ignored me. Just like you have arrived here to listen to my words, their curiosity has awakened an ugly truth. A truth they now wish they could unlearn. A truth that even they deep down know they themselves are tied to.
Death is your only ending.
Choose it wisely."