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RaceAgeless Kobold
Campaigns The Skeleton King

"Dinner is served"
— Luca

Chef Luca is an Ageless Seaswagger Kobold Spellslinger played by Roamin in The Skeleton King. Luca is the only chef under direct command of Bopen the Skeleton King.



Luca is a male Kobold with an eye patch over his right eye to symbolize the time he took out the eye to feed to Bopen. Luca has often removed his own body parts to feed Bopen, with recent ones being his multiple nipples and his ear. While in casual wear, Luca wears a suit and tie, but when he is cooking or in combat, Luca wears a large toque blanche chef hat and an apron with a teddy bear embroidered on it over his suit. Luca is also said to wield multiple guns on his person, as he does not believe in reloading.


Luca is a very determined cook. His goal is to create meals for the Ageless to enjoy and eat, even though most Ageless do not eat themselves. He is dedicated enough to his goal that he will mutilate his own body for meals to impress King Bopen. He is not below using the corpses of those they slay for meals either, as an Ageless lacks the morality of cannibalism and also enjoy the tastes of nearly anything. Luca will quickly, and bloodily, kill anyone who destroys his food before he gets to serve it, even faster than he would at the command of Bopen.


Luca, while at an odd position on a Ageless Pirate ship, is well liked by his shipmates. He often feeds them servings of his new culinary inventions, to which they enjoy and will ask for second servings. His shipmates will also give him various body parts and other unorthodox ingredients that they find to Luca for further cooking tests.

Bopen Luca treats Bopen as a god even reffering to him as lord. He does anything and everything to impress and please his captain going so far to dismember parts of his own body including his eye and nipples

Powers & Abilities[edit]


Spellslinger Abilities[edit]




  • Queen's Skull





Luca learned to cook at the school His Grandmother's Kitchen prior to his transformation into an Ageless. Continuing his love for cooking, he joined Bopen's crew inorder to continue to create meals. However, much to his chagrin, Ageless do not require food to live and thus many choose not to eat. This did not put a stop to Luca's goal, however, as he continued to make meals for the crew and they eventually humored him by eating his meals.

His next goal was to fix a meal that Bopen himself will eat. He attempted it prior, by scooping out his false eyeball out of his Ageless socket and creating a meal out of it, only for Bopen to disregard the meal.

The Skeleton King[edit]

The crew of the Skeleton King had began sinking an unknown Elven ship piloted by a small Gnome and some Elven peasants. The crew began attacking the peasants, forcing them into submission for their Pirate King to come aboard. Bopen went to each one of the survivors and asked if they would choose death or become a part of his crew.

The Senate of Deadlantis[edit]

While not directly appearing in the campaign, Cain, while talking to Bopen, pointed to Luca to indicate that he would eat the food that he prepared, indicating he was still on the ship.


Luca was last seen with the rest of his Ageless shipmates before Bopen traveled to Deadlantis with Phineas Barringster. It is not known if any of the crew went to Deadlantis with Bopen, or if they all stayed on the ship.