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This article is about the head of the Elven Azveltara family. For the Season 3 Campaign, see Lyn Azveltara Gaiden.

Lyn Azveltara
ClassPetalwalker / Dreamweaver
AffiliationLyn Azveltara's Assassins
ActorRob, Spiff
Campaigns Azveltara Z, Lyn Azveltara Gaiden, The Last Beenu
SeasonsSeason Three

Lyn Azveltara is an Azveltarian Elf Dreamweaver and Petalwalker played by Rob in Azveltara Z and by Spiff in Lyn Azveltara Gaiden. Lyn is the head of the Azveltara Elven Family, as chosen by Phanto. She is a skilled assassin who has developed her family into a team of expert assassins who aid her. She serves King Rohbear Leomaris as the Warden of the Realms, executing various orders by him. She is responsible for executing the plot to exterminate the Beenu. She was last seen berating Kohai Chan and Moonwolf for losing against the visiting Sandbolds in a sparring match.



Lyn Azveltara is a female Azveltarian with long black hair and two buns on the side of her head with an large bang that swirls to the right of her face, her hair also has bright pink highlights along the ends. Lyn has a pale skin completion and a very voluptuous body, often wanted by many who see her, and green eyes. She usually wears bright pink lipstick and eyeliner that has unique teardrops. She is seen wearing what appears to be a green cheongsam with dark green accents and pink pins along it. Over that she wears a light green robe with pink hearts along the trim. On her arms she wears pink sleeves that cover her wrists up to her elbows and two large dark pink bracelets.

When climbing the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, Lyn is seen with a shorter hair cut, and a variant of the cheongsam she is seen wearing normally. This dress is more designed like a skirt for combat and movement purposes.


Lyn is a very cunning and powerful Elf, leading her family of Assassins with purpose. She is shown to be merciless in her duties, but this does not mean she is completely cold-hearted, as she is very loving to her assassins, even having open sexual relations with each and every one of them. It appears that she is driven by the fact that she is unable to mother children, leading her to adopt several members of orphaned elves into her family, and to blindly follow visions given to her by the Old Gods that lead down a dark path.

She also harbors some racism toward the Beenu, citing them as nothing but beasts. This does not transfer over to the newly created races after the Birth of Magic, however, as she is seen to have an open relationship with the Gnome Bob. This Beenu racism is further intensified when Norokoh Xhir't, her only daughter, was cursed and born a Beenu.


Lyn has a very close relationship with her family, loving each of her adoptive relatives and having open sexual relations with them to further improve their assassination skills. She seems particularly fond of both Kohai Chan and Bei Mei X'hirt, for their sexual prowess and combat prowess respectfully.

Lyn has little to no relation to her supposed daughter, Norokoh, as she has disowned her completely due to her leaving Ninjaru and being born a Beenu.

Character Inventory[edit]

List of cards that the character has in their inventory.

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Azveltarian}]
  • [{Class / Dreamweaver}]
  • [{Class / Petalwalker}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Fortunate}]
  • [{Attribute / Loveable}]


  • [{Dreamweaver / Vivid Dreamer}]
  • [{Supplies / Diplomat}]
  • [{Supplies / Heighten Senses}]


  • [{Booty Raider / Sea Shanty}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Basaspit EX}]
  • [{Dreamweaver / Dreambolt}]
  • [{Dreamweaver / Terrorize Mind}]
  • [{Legendary / Erase}]
  • [{Petalwalker / Prickle Dance}]
  • [{Theurgist / Earth Totem}]
  • [{Witch / Lotus Shield}]

Former Abilities[edit]


  • [{Treasure / Dungeoneer Encyclopedia}]
  • [{Treasure / Wellforn Ruby}]
  • [{Weapon / Elemental Scepter}]

Former Belongings[edit]



Lyn Azveltara was born before the Birth of Magic and was appointed by Phanto the Sun Dragon to be the head of the Azveltara Family, gaining her a seat in the Council of Elves. However, she was unable to expand her family, due to being unable to mother children. At the suggestion of her husband, Lyn began adopting the Elves who did not belong to a family. Some time later, during the Birth of Magic, her husband was killed in the carnage, being stabbed in the back.

At some point, she decided to climb Quintara Lotus's Tower of Ultimate Wizardry to find clarification of self and to become a better leader for her family.

Lyn Azveltara Gaiden[edit]

Azveltara Z[edit]

The Sandbolds[edit]

Lyn was visited by Talee of the Sandbolds, along with several slaves. There Talee confronted Lyn about Norokoh, her secret daughter and Beenu child. Lyn angrily revealed that she disowned Norokoh and that she has no connection to her anymore. She then held a small sparing session between her Az Warriors, Kohai Chan and Aryu Maeda, and two Sandbolds, Yohan and McCarrot Smith.

The Last Beenu[edit]

Lyn appears to argue with Bei after discovering she took Norokoh on an assassination mission.


Lyn was last seen breaking up with and being stabbed by Bei Mei X'hirt.


  • According to one of Lyn's visions, she has had 77 miscarriages.
  • Lyn is the first character to only temporarily receive a Sin of the Unforgotten. This is due to the Mark not being triggered during the campaign that she received it in.
  • Due to the taboo of incest and the fact that she was a Beenu, Lyn never formed bonds with Norokoh like she did with her other assassins. This marks the only time her assassins were able to work independently.