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This article is about the Season 3 Campaign. For the head of the Elven Azveltara family, see Lyn Azveltara.

Season 3
Air Date: November 11th, 2017
Lyn Azveltara Gaiden
Experience Earned: 5,050
Blood Tears: 66,594
The Purge
The Sandbolds

Lyn Azveltara Gaiden is the 5th campaign of Season 3, and aired on November 11th, 2017.

Before Lyn Azveltara would train some of the worlds most deadliest assassins, she had to become a master assassin herself. To do so, Lyn is currently attempting to climb to the top of The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, to be trained by Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus. While we already know the end of this story, in that Lyn will be successful in her quest climbing to the top, there still remains secrets about Lyn and how she went from artist to assassin just by climbing to the top of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.



Character Race Class Player
Harlin Hardbody Icon.png Harlin Hardbody Elf Hydromancer Coe
Lyn Azveltara Icon.png Lyn Azveltara Elf Dreamweaver Spiff
Quiset Icon.png Quiset Elf Rouge DeadBones
Veseran Icon.png Friar Veseran Elf Alchemist Nisovin


Character Race Class
Lemon Buckleberry Lemon Buckleberry Gnome
New Doll New Doll Doll
Bear Doll Bear Doll Doll
James James
Lyn Azveltara's Husband Lyn Azveltara's Husband ๐Ÿ‘ Elf
Bei Mei Xhir't Icon.png Bei Mei Xhir't ๐Ÿ‘ Azveltarian Elf Sharpsword
Rohbear Leomaris Icon.png Rohbear Leomaris ๐Ÿ‘ Elf
  • ๐Ÿ‘ - Vision Only

Battle Encounters[edit]

See: Floors 32-41 of Lyn Azveltara's Journey on the list of known floors.


Lyn Azveltara and her crew climbed up floors 32-41 of The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.

Lore Established[edit]

Major Lore[edit]

  • The events of this campaign play out.
  • The characters listed above are introduced.
  • The following beast species are introduced: Cow, Whale, Babblespout, Red Ichor Lotus Melon Berry Bird, Carp.
  • The following magical species are introduced: Doll, Blood Golem.
  • In universe, nobody knows where gnomes come from.
  • It is established that the Dreamweaver visions seen in The Cobblers, The Skeleton King, and this campaign may not be true.
  • Lyn Azveltara was once married. Her husband died in the chaos following the Birth of Magic.

Minor Lore[edit]

  • Various books written by Quiset were established, as well as a book not written by Quiset called Arcane Arcanum.
  • Gnome genitalia is of below average size proportional to their bodies.
  • The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is connected to the Realm of Holding in some way.
  • Harlin's School of Carp die.
  • Certain aspects of water physics were established, specifically in regards to using water to slow one's descent and the effect of turning Lava to Obsidian.

Notable Spoken Dialogue[edit]

  • In a vision of Lyn Azveltara, Bei Mei Xhir't and Lyn have a conversation about their unborn child, who is nicknamed Ghostblade by Bei. The canonicity of the contents of this vision, or the topic of the conversation within, are not confirmed.

Timeline Placement[edit]

Episode Guide[edit]

Title Airdate
Back to the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry Teaser Nov 6, 2017
Character Creation - Episode 0 Nov 10, 2017
Episode 1 Nov 12, 2017
Episode 2 Nov 12, 2017
Episode 3 Nov 12, 2017
Episode 4 Nov 13, 2017
Episode 5 Nov 13, 2017
Episode 6 Nov 13, 2017
Episode 7 Nov 14, 2017
Episode 8 Nov 14, 2017
Divine Decision Nov 14, 2017
Finale - Episode 9 Nov 14, 2017
Behind the Scenes Nov 22, 2017
Campaign Playlist

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  • Gaiden is a Japanese term meaning "side-story" or "tale". It is often used in Japanese culture, such as video games, anime and manga, to show an spin-off story. This goes with the reoccurring themed of Lyn Azveltara being heavily influenced by Japanese media.
  • The Cow seen in the Tower was a reference to Rob's youtube group the Buffalo Wizards.