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  • Her family
Campaigns The Many Gobos of Pat
SeasonsSeason One

Madelyne is a Greenskin Goblin Lumberjack portrayed by Deadbones during The Many Gobos of Pat.



Madelyne is a female Greenskin Goblin with a voluptuous figure, red eyes and long white hair that she keeps up in a high ponytail. She wears purple lipstick and eyeliner as well. Madelyne wears a tight magenta v-neck that reveals her midriff and a short, tight magenta skirt that stops around the middle of her thighs. She has a black, sleeveless jacket with three golden spikes on each shoulder and two black boots, with the left one being pushed down. She also has fingerless, elbow length Glamourshark Gloves that are pink in color.


Madelyne embodies the "angsty teen" stereotype, often expressing disgust with her father or family. Despite this, she does not hesitate to defend her family when her father drunkenly insults them. She appears to have a soft spot for Dankie and she scolds the other goblins for making fun of him. She also makes a stand against GAG (Goblin against goblin) discrimination, indicating that Hobgoblins should be treated equally to greenskins. The loss of Pattenborrow, Dankie and her wolf leave her very distraught. Madelyne appears to have some sadistic traits in her as she apparently takes some sort of satisfaction from kicking Terrance in the nuts.



Madelyne has a difficult relationship with her drunk father, who is often oblivious to her needs and beliefs.


Madelyne has a soft spot for Dankie, who, unlike Terrence and Desnuttes, made no advances towards her. She seems to find his simple nature cute and protects him from the insults of the rest of the family.


Madelyne is warm towards Desnuttes, though towards the end of the campaign, when he begins to make a move towards her, she becomes uncomfortable.


Madelyne has no problem with Warren, who often controls his immature brother.


Madelyne is constantly irritated by Terrence's constant slew of perverted comments made towards her, and generally either ignores him or becomes hostile. When Pattenborrow asks Warren and Terrence to get Madelyne to join the rest of the family for a family song, she agrees on the condition that Terrence would allow her to kick him in the nuts. Terrence accepts, considering it "close enough". The kick wound up being excruciatingly painful, because Deadbones rolled a 20.

Throughout the campaign, Madelyne remained cold towards Terrence until after the final battle against Medusa, in which Terrence achieved the killing blow with a Golden Shot. After the battle, Madelyne reluctantly admitted that what Terrence did was "awesome" and rewarded him with a kiss, which was below average for her because Roamin rolled a 7.

Powers & Abilities[edit]


Lumberjack Abilities[edit]








Scott RadioactiveK.png
Capable of SpeechNo
Campaigns The Many Gobos of Pat
SeasonsSeason One

Scott is a Wolf and pet to Madelyne, first appearing and during The Many Gobos of Pat. He is of average size, with fur that is light grey on top and white underneath. He has a small tuft of fur on top of his head, and a long, fluffy tail, as well as red eyes. Madelyne found Scott during one of her regular Sulks through the woods. The two soon became close friends, and Scott eventually allowed himself to be Madelyne's pet. He is always seen at her side. Similar to his master, Scott is somewhat cold towards Pryor.

Powers & Abilities[edit]

  • Bite/Scratch – Scott can attack an enemy adjacent to him, dealing 3 damage.
The Many Gobos of Pat[edit]

Scott mainly keeps to himself, following Madelyne around and lying in her room. When Paladin Dwarves storm the house, he keeps close to Madelyne's side.


Scott was decapitated by the Dwarven Paladin Leader, Willis right after the decapitation of Pattenborrow Threecircle.


Skelephelk PH.png
Capable of SpeechNo
Campaigns The Many Gobos of Pat
SeasonsSeason One

Summer is Madelyne's pet rat, first appearing in The Many Gobos of Pat.

Notable Traits and Abilities[edit]

  • Summer has the fierce bark of a wolf.



Madelyne began supporting Goblin Against Goblin Discrimination (GAGD) at an unknown period of time. It is for supporting Hobgoblins, who are seen as inferior Goblins by Greenskin Goblins, who are more intelligent and have telepathic abilities.

The Many Gobos of Pat[edit]


Madelyn was last seen with the surviving party from The Many Gobos of Pat after the Paladin Arena fights.


  • In Deadbones' scheme of naming characters based on Marvel Comics characters, Madelyne comes from Madelyne Pryor. [1]
  • Scott was the first wolf to appear in URLive.
    • In his first appearance, many mistook him for a Groundbold.