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Magician Card.png
Class CardMagician Class Card

"A performer whose skills at illusions and mimicry allow them to use magic wildly in combat."
— Season 3 Class Card description

The Magician Class that first appeared in The Unseen Rogues. The Magician Class preforms a wide range of magical feats that impress allies and bewilder foes. Magicians excel at casting random spells that can either devastate or delight opponents if it all goes horribly wrong.


Magicians seem to hail from the land known as Abracadab, as two prominent magicians, Vitali Zankovich and Thea Mazing, originate from there.

Magicians are a prominent occupation in the Realms, with many known Magicians becoming performance artists, such as the Magnificent Morgana Marie and the Great Vitali Zankovich.

Magicians also have occupations as special effects or other utilities, in bands such as Reesi Gandolin in Brothers Flanigann and Gear Man in The Future Winners.

Notable Magicians[edit]