Michael Langstrom

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Michael Langstrom
AffiliationThe Woodcarvers
ActorRoamin, Rob
Campaigns Woodcarvers
SeasonsSeason Two

Michael Langstrom is an Okagnoma Gnome Templar, played by Roamin in Woodcarvers, and by Rob as an NPC in Den of Devils. He is the 'lumberjack supervisor' of The Woodcarvers, and the father of Taylor Langstrom.



Michael is a male gnome, who is very tall for a gnome, being as tall as a dwarf, with a slim build. He has dark green hair, that reaches his shoulders in the back, with bangs that hang in front of his ears, and a fringe that is swept to the left, with a blond highlight in it. He also has a small patch of hair on his chin, and light blue eyes.

He wears a teal, well-fitted shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, the top button undone, and tucked into his dark blue trousers. He wears a blue belt, that has two green suspender straps that hang loose by his sides. He wears black boots that go halfway up his shin, and over his trousers, with green straps that have gold buckles. He also wears black, fingerless gloves, and has a small red, plaid cloth that rests on his shoulder. Michael also carries a grey Legion Shield, with a brown strap that attaches around his left arm, and a Slimey Tunnel Shovel.


Michael is a very tidy gnome who was the lumberjack manager in the town of Waldon. Michael often tries to keep his team of lumberjacks in line, but usually fails. Michael is usually paired with his pet Elaphelk and his son. Michael cares very deeply about his son, but is just as deeply frustrated with his son's alcoholism and recklessness.


The Woodcarvers[edit]

Michael takes charge over the presiding group of lumberjacks, often giving them direction and purpose for their work. With Jormr, Michael is very blunt with him about his methods of Lumberjacking, giving a verbal warning to start the day and forbids him of any lumberjacking due to this. However that is to say that Michael does know how to use Jormr's skills when dealing with a fight. With Alessa Stonemason, Michael would often send her out first for her skills as a scout, but he also joins the group with teasing her about a relationship with Rafeal. With Vitali Zankovich, Michael often argues with him against using magic for fighting or for entertaining dangerous High Bears.

Taylor Langstrom[edit]

Michael is very protective of his son, Taylor Langstrom, often keeping him close as possible to keep an eye on him. However, due to Taylor's drunkenness this often causes a lot of problems, leading to stress on the elder Gnome. With the other children of the Woodcarvers, Michael has a high opinion of Heathera Stonemason, hiring her on the spot after seeing her Magician abilities applied to lumberjacking. With Jormr's Stepson, Michael regards him as a delinquent and negative influence on his child.


Michael has a friendly relationship with Jebediah, who comforted Michael when he was upset that he son died. Jebediah was very empathetic towards Michael, having lost a son of his own. He commonly told him that the world would end, and Michael's son Taylor would come back. Michael would often seek Jebediah for comfort, while he read a passage from his son's diary. It is unknown if Jebediah was upset or not after Michael Langstrom's death.

Character Inventory[edit]

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Gnome}]
  • [{Class / Templar}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Logger}]
  • [{Attribute / Colossal}]



  • [{Templar / Aura of Strength}]
  • [{Templar / Aura of Dexterity}]
  • [{Templar / Aura of Constitution}]
  • [{Templar / Aura of Piety}]

Former Abilities[edit]

  • [{Warrior / Charge}]


  • Slimey Tunnel Shovel: Named Taylang after his son.
  • [{Armor / Studded Armor}]
  • [{Templar / Sunlaw Shield}]
  • [{Treasure / Bolt Staff}]
  • [{Treasure / Glacial Prisonator}]

Former Belongings[edit]


H. McTrunkface[edit]

H. McTrunkface, also known as Horny McTrunkface, or Mooby, is Michael's Elepelk Companion in the Woodcarvers campaign.


H. McTrunkface left with Michael after the death of his son, to go meet Ursa Faiden, to sell him a Gnome child for 5000 gold.

Den of Devils[edit]

As SK Malone's Mercenaries backed out of the Den of Devils, since H. McTrunkface was too big to cross the slime bridge Michael had created, they took H. McTrunkface back out with them, promising Michael they would protect him. However, the mercenaries most likely sold the Elaphelk.

Companion Inventory[edit]

  • [{Companion / Elephelk}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Armored}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Gore}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Quake}]
H. McTrunkface
H McTrunkface RadioactiveK.png
Capable of SpeechNo
Campaigns Woodcarvers, Den of Devils



When Michael came of age as a young Gnome, his father passed down the family Elaphelk, who Michael named 'Mooby.' The elaphelk was renamed again when Michael's son, Taylor, came of age, and was named 'H. McTrunkface.' At some point in the past, Michael moved to the Dwarven town of Waldon, with his wife, Lizzy Langstrom, where they had a son, and named him Taylor. However, in a Harpy attack on the town, Lizzy was taken away, and presumed dead, leaving Michael to take care of his son alone.


Den of Devils[edit]


Michael went insane after seeing his son die again. Blaming Lunk for his Son's death, he attempted to murder Lunk while he was unconscious. Duke Daring, sensing his friend and escape route was in danger, jumped and knocked Michael into Lava, killing him immediately.


  • Michael Langstrom is the first character of Season 2 to get a Legendary Item.
  • Michael was the original character to be featured on the Lumberjack's class cards in Season 3. Although his occupation is "Lumberjack Supervisor", his canonical class is Templar and he has no Lumberjack abilities.
  • The name "Horny McTrunkface" is a reference to a 2016 online poll to name a British research vessel, in which the name "Boaty McBoatface" was the most popular choice by far.